The Partnership revolution

There’s almost no end to what you can do with E-CINS.

E-CINS empowers multi-agency partnerships by providing a secure, encrypted, cloud-based central hub
where you can meet, manage, collaborate, share, task, audit and evidence - to wrap support around the ‘whole person’.
And what’s more, you can fully support any number of functions at once - in realtime - putting an end
to silo working and saving you a considerable amount of time and money.

It can be accessed remotely via the internet on any device, facilitating agile working and negating the need for
partner agencies to install specific systems or software to share information on joint casework.

"There are no real limits to this in terms of the benefits we can have going forward,
the efficiencies we can drive out and the overall good in terms of a positive outcome for our communities."
ACC Mark Hopkins, Cambridgeshire Constabulary


E-CINS gives power to the practitioner to securely share information
individually, locally, cross border or nationally.

It provides a critical search and signpost facility for police and their partners to search a substantial national database of profiles from multi-agency sources that may not appear on any existing police databases.

There are no user licences and no limits so every agency who needs to be involved can be involved.

E-CINS can be used as a stand alone case management system or a multi-agency sharing or search tool to complement legacy systems. Information is managed in one place and reports and statistics can be easily pulled to help partnerships engage and plan better, work faster and deliver joined up working approaches to drive successful outcomes.


E-CINS is unique in empowering public sector practitioners such as the police,
local authorities, probation and their multi-agency partners to manage just one, a range or all
their areas of business enabling everyone to see the bigger picture


Troubled Families

Licensing/Licensed premises/vehicles

crime reduction/ asb/gangs

Integrated Offender Management

Health and Work/Welfare Reform

PREVENT – Channel Panels

Vulnerable persons

automatic referrals/ bespoke forms

Early Help/Early Intervention

Payment by Results


Rough sleepers/street drinkers

Unauthorised encampments

Scrap Metal Dealers Database

Staff Safety/Risk Register

victim services/victim gateway

E-CINS is live in every county across England and Wales

There are so many benefits to using E-CINS, click here to find out more



A not for profit social enterprise

We create and deliver innovative cloud-based IT solutions and social action networks that have a positive impact on people’s lives.

We believe in what’s best for the community as a whole, enabling everyone to be involved who needs to be involved. That’s why we don’t apply user licence fees for our solutions.

As a not for profit social enterprise our aim is to facilitate positive social change. All our solutions are designed to create a new and better world for our customers where they can share more freely with partners in a secure environment.

In early 2010 we were approached by the Home Office to help realise their vision by developing a ‘complete‘ cloud based neighbourhood management tool that would allow victims, offenders and vulnerable persons to be managed on the one system. E-CINS was born and is revolutionising multi-agency partnership working in the UK. E-CINS is now live in 15 counties across the UK and these areas are seeing time and efficiency savings and less duplication of effort and resources. More importantly, it has created multi-agency environments where everyone knows what everyone else is doing.

Our customers span private, public and third sector and we have created a platform for groups and organisations of all sizes to come together to help an individual, or a community as a whole.
Through E-CINS we are realising our vision of maximising participation to solve community problems and we're providing organisations with cost-effective, non commercial, innovative solutions that allow you to make a viable and ethical choice in your purchasing decisions.

  • Our Founder

    Gary Pettengell, founder of Empowering-Communities had already achieved success over 20 years experience of crime reduction and community engagement work. In 2001 he started one of the UK’s most successful national, business crime reduction partnerships and chaired the National Security Symposium for the UK’s gaming and leisure industry.

  • Awards & Accreditations

    Gary has worked on several local, national and international crime reduction and community engagement projects for which he has won several awards. One of these projects has been made the subject of a case study by the United Nations.

    In April 2007 he was voted “Person of the Year” in Lithuania for his work helping migrant communities and is the only foreign national ever to be awarded the Angel Guard Medal of Honour for policing excellence in Lithuania.

    Empowering-Communities has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard to “Develop and provide systems to facilitate multi agency information sharing”

    Business Impact Level 3 Accreditation –E-CINS

    Social Enterprise Mark Award winners 2010

    Essex & Suffolk Water Community Impact Award Winners 2009

    SSDM Award for Innovation through Technology 2008


When you become a member of the E-CINS family you join a community of over 10000 like minded people

24 hour support

Our support team’s always on hand to guide you, our help desk is open Monday to Friday and you can email us 24/7 using our dedicated support ticketing service

Online and video guides

The E-CINS Support Centre gives you access to e-learning packages, video and user guides so you have the support you need every step of the way


E-CINS User Forum is the place to share best practice and ideas with other E-CINS users across borders and around the country


We promote best practice by showcasing customer's successes in regular mailers, e-newsletter and downloads featuring customer case studies and interviews

Combined Experience

E-CINS practitioners have collaborated closely with us to build and develop E-CINS so that it reflects and adapts to their changing needs

Regular Webinars

We strive to keep our customers up to date with new developments and to share tips on the different ways schemes make use of the system

regional conferences

Getting together in different regions around the country provides an ideal platform for practitioners to share ideas and experiences


There's no better way to find out how E-CINS benefits schemes than to meet with other practitioners in an informal environment


There's a host of reasons why you should join the E-CINS family

  • • Disclose and share information quickly, securely and in realtime
  • • See the bigger picture by creating an environment where everyone knows what everyone else is doing in compliance with the Data Protection Act
  • • Understand how your work fits together with other agencies’ work and how it contributes to a larger vision for change
  • • Quickly and effectively wrap support around victims, offenders and vulnerable persons
  • • Identify persons and cases of greatest risk and vulnerability and check to see if an individual is already receiving support
  • • Store all your information in one place and access it from anywhere
  • • Turn your data into statistics to measure against KPIs and determine whether or not benchmarks are being met
  • • Use your own data to produce comprehensive reports so you can evidence effectiveness, develop and strengthen your work
  • • Access a plethora of statistics and analytical data to help you predict and plan where you need to employ your future resources
  • • Design and build your own bespoke forms and risk assessments and send and receive automatic referrals pre-populated and ready to manage
  • • Turn your assessments into easy-to-view graphical radar/wheel assessments to help give you an immediate snapshot of your customers' needs
  • • Join up your information from existing systems by exporting/inputting your data via an E-CINS API
  • • Ensure multi-agency work is being accomplished by tasking and monitoring partner’s performance
  • • Save time and money by reducing the need for face to face meetings
  • • Improve security by reducing emails, phone calls and printing
  • • Speed up processes and improve efficiency
  • • Improve connectivity both within your organisation and with your partners
  • • Reduce duplication of effort and resources
  • • Enable efficient and effective local neighbourhood management
  • • Intervene earlier to reduce offending and the possible break up of the family unit
  • • Improve staff safety
  • • Ensure co-ordinated action is taken earlier in all cases at a local level
  • • Take the strain off your own servers by storing your data in E-CINS’ IL3 environment in ISO27001, police audited data centres
  • • Provides secure access to information via handheld devices such as mobile phones & PDA’s
  • • Access a dedicated help desk service, receive training material including e-learning packages and video tutorials

    E-CINS is Limitless

  • • No limits on the number of users you can have accessing your system (no individual user licenses)
  • • No limits on the number of organisations that can access E-CINS as part of your scheme
  • • No limits on the amount of data you can upload
  • • No limits on the number of profiles you can create


  • • No long term contracts
  • • No hidden extras
  • • Direct access to software developers

    We’re a team of people with a different approach – quite simply, we’re not in it for the money.

    At the heart of all we do is the desire to help empower victims, local communities, vulnerable people and their families.

    We have an ethos of continuous improvement achieved through listening to what our customers say.

    We involve you in the development process and we work with you to deliver easy to use solutions
    that can be adapted to your changing needs.

    This personal approach has allowed our solutions to grow organically, through recommendations, word of mouth and championing from our customers who are keen to get their whole organisations and even those in neighbouring communities on board.

    Gary Pettengell
    Gary Pettengell
    CEO and Founder E-CINS
    Sarah Pettengell
    Sarah Pettengell
    Project Manager and Service Delivery Lead
    Heather Ette
    Heather Ette
    Customer Liaison and Marketing
    Graham Mansbridge
    Graham Mansbridge
    Reuben Mansbridge
    Reuben Mansbridge
    Paul Dunn
    Paul Dunn
    Solutions Architect
    Rosa Canete
    Rosa Canete
    QA/Software Tester
    Despina Sergiou
    Despina Sergiou
    Customer Support
    Andy Shield
    Andy Shield
    Savings & Research

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