Automatic Referrals/Bespoke Forms

E-CINS enables practitioners to create bespoke forms using a predefined list of assessment criteria such as priority and non priority debt, housing, benefits, arrears and health. Each answer given against a checklist will create a task which is automatically sent as a referral to the relevant partner agency. The form includes a scoring assessment which measures whether an individual is high/med/low priority.

The form is fully responsive, working on mobile devices and is adaptable so you can switch specific questions on and off to suit requirements.

The bespoke form/auto referral functionality helps you save time on creating referrals and enables you to quickly identify and assess people’s needs. If an individual is already on E-CINS, profile information will also be repopulated. The agencies receiving the referrals have access to the completed form and can see which other agencies the individual has been referred to so that support can be better co-ordinated. The information provided during the assessments also enables detailed statistics to be produced against a range of criteria.

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Customer Gateway

Designed in cooperation with Local Authorities, the Customer Gateway is a system with public facing forms that once completed are submitted to the Customer Gateway. Vulnerable or persons at risk will be ‘sent’ to E-CINS via an API for full case management. The first phase of the Customer Gateway will be for 3 welfare forms with other modules being added as the system develops. For example a member of the public will go to their local council website and click on a link that will seamlessly take them to their locally branded Customer Gateway.

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“Now, what we have with E-CINS is the ability to see the bigger picture and understand the type of support they need to help them in the right way. It is also an opportunity for individuals to get to grips with the extent of their own problems and begin the journey to overcome them.”

Kate Green, Welfare Assistance Development Manager
Derby City Council