September 29, 2015

E-CINS and Early Help/Intervention

E-CINS secure national database provides a central platform for early help providers to securely share information in one place. Its unique ability to hold information from multiple agencies transforms working lives by creating an environment where everyone knows what everyone else is doing. It gives power to the user to choose who they share information with – securely, across multiple agencies and even across borders.

Currently E-CINS is being used in the following ways to manage Early Help/Intervention: 

  • Family Intervention Programmes

  • Troubled families

  • Support Plans

  • Schools

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““Our current FIP worker within the unit is able to go out with a laptop, fill out the information and it can be updated live there and then. If we have someone else visiting in the afternoon they will already know someone has been in the morning as it is live on the system. You can use it anywhere.”

Rachel Tucker, Anti Social Behaviour Officer
Active Communities at Waveney District Council