March 11, 2015

E-CINS – Licensing and Licensed Premises/Vehicles

Practitioners and their partners can store all their information on each premises in one place, add license information and reports, upload official documents, log offences, interventions and intelligence and automatically generate a risk assessment score for each report.

E-CINS automatically calculates the cumulative report scores over the past 6 months so you can quickly see if a premises is high, medium or low risk. You can filter your views, task other agencies, receive auto notifications and adjust RA boundary thresholds dependent on premises type/size.

Practitioners are using E-CINS for a range of licensing issues including the management of Taxis and Private Hire License Vehicles, Scrap Metal Dealers and Collectors' Licenses, Licensed Premises and Home to School Transport Licenses.


"It has helped us a lot with evidencing problem areas which is especially useful in the Licensing Application decision-making process.  The mapping facility can be printed off when we get a Licensing Application and we can use it to show any issues. 
For example, any premises looking for a license in an area have to prove they will not add to current problems (in a Community Impact area).  If we make a representation against a new licence we can use the mapping as evidence to show how problems can be escalated through the new licence."

Adam Pearce, Police Constable
Fenland ASB and Licensing Team, Cambridgeshire