September 29, 2015

E-CINS and Safeguarding

E-CINS is utilised by a range of organisations and professionals to assist in the safeguarding of children, adults and vulnerable persons by providing a central hub for practitioners to securely share with multiple agencies who have a part to play in keeping individuals safe from harm, abuse and neglect.

The system records offenders' trigger factors and sends automatic notifications to alert practitioners to issues of importance which assists in the management of domestic abuse and child sexual exploitation.  

Safeguarding practitioners are currently using E-CINS in the following areas:

  • CAF
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Family Intervention Programmes
  • MASH
  • Channel Panels - Prevent
  • Youth Crime
  • Domestic Abuse

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“As part of a DV agency I was looking forward to see how E-CINS was working alongside the other areas within E-CINS. I can see how this could be a powerful tool as a co-ordinated community approach is integral to successful DV service provision particularly to high risk MARAC cases and the potential impact of DHRs, and therefore would be really interested to hear more around this. I enjoyed the day thank you and learnt a lot.”

Sass Boucher, Strategy & Development Officer
Staffordshire Woman’s Aid

"E-CINS can act simply as a sign posting tool highlighting who is working or involved with an individual or family or it can be used as a complete case management system. An important point to note is that the comprehensive access permissions mean that sensitive information can be ‘locked’ down and not seen by anyone other than selected staff within the MASH."

Gary Pettengell, Founder E-CINS

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