September 29, 2015

E-CINS and Street Drinkers/Rough Sleepers

Areas using E-CINS for areas of business such as Anti Social Behaviour have found it a natural step to extending its use further to include street community, street drinking and rough sleepers.

The flexibility and ease of use of the system is an ideal fit due its accessible image gallery which can be used to show images of current street community for discussion in multi agency meetings.  Practitioners having access to photos makes the subject individuals more recognisable and relevant.

E-CINS can assist schemes with evidencing problem areas which is especially useful in the Licensing Application decision-making process. The mapping facility can be printed off when we get a Licensing Application and can be used to show any issues. For example, any premises looking for a license in an area have to prove they will not add to current problems (in a Community Impact area). The mapping can be used as evidence in a representation against a new licence to show how problems can be escalated through the new licence.

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"E-CINS is used to record all seizures of alcohol and instances where Section 27 notices have been served. Recording the data in this way gives us the evidence to then arrest perpetrators who go on to breach the notices.  We also use this information as evidence when we apply for any ASBO’S.  

Before we had E-CINS we recorded data on a Lotus Notes database which was cumbersome, also in the past all the systems we used were for police use only which meant the information we recorded was effectively only useful for us. 
We have found E-CINS much easier to use and the added benefit is that we can now share the information we record with our partners.”

PC Adam Pearce
Fenland ASB and Licensing Team, Cambridgeshire