September 29, 2015

E-CINS and Unauthorised Encampments

E-CINS supports agencies working with unlawful encampments and travellers by providing a central hub where all partners can come together and share information in realtime. 

With all agencies working independently, reports can be duplicated, meaning repeat visits to groups to deal with similar issues. This can lead to a lack of confidence from the groups in the agencies dealing and a delay in dealing with incidents. Having all agencies constantly updated about a situation also means they are all singing from the same 'hymn sheet', with a good understanding of individuals' particular needs and welfare issues to enable appropriate support to be given.

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"E-CINS was a vehicle which enabled a more joined up multi-agency approach to the management of a particularly sensitive issue. E-CINS played a vital role in enabling agencies to talk to each other and manage the complex issues surrounding these encampments.
E-CINS allowed everybody involved to identify certain issues and communicate them with other agencies for action as was necessary. It also enabled a day to day account of what each agency was doing to deliver the best service possible."

Colin Booker P.C.S.O. for Funtington/Westbourne Wards, Wildlife Crime Officer and Gypsy/Traveller Liaison Officer
Chichester, West Sussex Division