June 11, 2015

E-CINS and Health & Work/Employment/Welfare Reforms

Empowering-Communities' solutions help providers collaborate and share information with partners and citizens in a secure environment, co-located or remotely, to deliver joined-up, holistic, support that enables everyone to be involved who needs to be involved without the need for people to repeat their story again and again.
Through our range of ‘one front door’ problem solving tools we help providers to better understand peoples’ needs and create easily accessible, secure networks where they can refer for specialist, individualised support.
We understand today’s challenges and we have proven solutions within the employability and welfare reform landscape that are revolutionising integrated approaches.  Through these solutions we are enabling multi-agency collaboration which is helping people with complex needs and barriers to employment become more independent and move into sustained work.
Solutions such as our Automatic Referrals and Needs Assessment tool are helping providers save time and resources and understand the issues their customers face. We developed the tool for Derby City as part of a DWP pilot looking to manage people presenting in crisis under the new welfare reforms. This electronic assessment links questions to teams/organisations who can offer help and support via the tasking on E-CINS and is being heralded as breakthrough technology in assisting the new welfare reforms.
Schemes are able to build their own bespoke forms using pre-defined questions and the completed form is sent automatically to agencies as referrals.  The forms are ready-filled with all relevant information pertaining to the customer making it quick and easy for the receiving agency to process. This functionality can be used across numerous business areas.

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“There are some vulnerable groups who need additional support to help them manage the conversion to Universal Credit and we have been working very hard with our partners, including Empowering Communities, to ease their transition to the new system... This new way of working is a fantastic step forwards and will save both practitioners and residents a great deal of time.”

Councillor Sarah Russell, Cabinet Member for Housing, Finance and Welfare
Derby City Council