Mansfield Complex Persons Panels

The Complex Persons Panel in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire use E-CINS to run their monthly CPP meetings. Mansfield CPP takes place at the District Council offices and is regularly attended by Police, Fire, Council, Housing, ASB, Environmental Health, Criminal Justice Liaison, Mental Health, Social Care, Catch 22 Victim Support and Probation.  The CPP Administrator stated ‘I update[…]

Multi-agency safeguarding and the role of Community MARACs

Everyone has the right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. But issues that can lead to an adult or young person becoming vulnerable can be complex and multidimensional.  A number of Government reports have reiterated the need for agencies to work together to ensure that safeguarding decisions are based on a comprehensive[…]

Lowestoft Rising Intervention Meetings

Lowestoft Rising is a radical approach to delivering public sector services, creating an environment where public sector organisations work together in innovative ways to deliver better services and bring about long-term change for local people in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Comprising a group of five public sector partners – Suffolk Police, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner’s office, Waveney District Council, Suffolk County[…]

Using E-CINS for Meetings in Cambridgeshire

Aarron Locks is the Community Safety Manager at Fenland District Council in Cambridgeshire and is the Project Lead and Co-ordinator for the Alcohol Partnership. Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke to Aarron about the benefits of using E-CINS to run the Partnership’s meetings. HE: Who’s involved in the Alcohol Partnership meetings?  AL: There’s a wide range of[…]

E-CINS and Notts Complex Case Panels

Empowering-Communities ’ Heather Ette spoke to Police Sergeant Carl Holland, Operational Lead for E-CINS at Nottinghamshire Police about their Complex Case Panel Meetings that are chaired by Ashfield District Council and attended by a range of statutory organisations. ‘Between 10 and 15 representatives regularly attend the Ashfield Complex Case Panel’, said Carl. ‘The meeting is[…]

Equipping NPT’s
 With Improved 
Local Information

Cleveland Police is making use of analytical mapping technology to give greater information to officers as to what is happening locally. By combining three software programmes, IMAP, E-CINS and NICHE, Neighbourhood Police Teams are able to greatly improve their knowledge of what’s happening in a specific area and where the vulnerable members of their community[…]

Thank you for supporting 10 years of Empowering-Communities

It was the year of the News of the World phone hacking scandal, the rebuilt Wembley Stadium opened to the public for the first time and Celebrity Big Brother was launched on Channel 4.  2007 was also the year that Empowering-Communities was founded by CEO Gary Pettengell, following a successful 20 year career involved in[…]

Cambs Leads The Way On Conditional Cautioning

Cambridgeshire Constabulary is pioneering an initiative on E-CINS aimed at helping low-level offenders make amends for their crimes and avoid a court hearing. In conjunction with the Liaison and Diversion Scheme East of England, the offender’s issues are identified and appropriate conditions are set as well as the timeframe in which it needs to be[…]

Peterborough Pilot Reduces Low-Level Offending Through
 Pioneering Integrated Offender Recovery Programme

An intensive support programme to help the recovery of vulnerable people who commit low level crime is reducing offending levels across Peterborough. The Integrated Offender Recovery Programme (IROP), thought to be the first of its kind nationally, focuses on helping people with mental health and/or drug and alcohol issues, who are vulnerable and can be[…]

E-CINS Forum and Working Groups Launched

Several schemes and users have identified the need for a National E-CINS Forum and I am now in the process of setting one up. I have listed some of the areas of business E-CINS is used to manage below. It therefore makes sense to have a number of working groups under the Forum umbrella. Each working group can[…]

E-CINS Helps to End Fuel Poverty in Brighton

The Warmth for Wellbeing Project is tackling fuel poverty, excess winter deaths and improving the health and wellbeing of 1,000s of Brighton & Hove’s most vulnerable residents, using a single point of referral to a raft of joined-up, high quality services. Empowering-Communities spoke to Paul Bramwell, Fuel Poverty Manager at Brighton & Hove Citizens Advice[…]

Reducing Costs and Sharing Information Around A Frequent Caller

The Issue: A vulnerable person (JD) lives on her own and is from Nigeria.  She came to the UK with her then husband and children however the relationship broke down and JD moved into a house on her own. JD has various medical issues and is a heavy drinker. She lives a very chaotic lifestyle[…]

Northampton Borough Council Teams up with Northamptonshire Police to Enforce Smoke-Free Legislation

Northampton Borough Council has begun working collaboratively through E-CINS with its local police force on a pilot scheme to enforce regulations that prevent adults from smoking in cars with children inside. Since the introduction of the new legislation in October 2015, which made it illegal for adults to smoke tobacco products in a vehicle with[…]

Why Equal Input is Key to Success

Nottinghamshire is one year in to a two-year project to prove the benefits of E-CINS within six defined workstream areas across the county: • Vulnerable Persons Panels, dealing with a critical few who are the most vulnerable in the county; • Anti Social Behaviour; • Victim Support; • Restorative Justice; • Integrated Offender Management. •[…]

Case Study: 
vulnerable adult displaced from home by drug users

by Michael Raywood, Senior Tenancy Enforcement Officer, Housing, Brighton & Hove City Council The Issue The Tenancy Enforcement Team found the man had been befriended by drug users who had persuaded him to allow them to use his property as a crack den. The tenant was so fearful he took to the streets whilst the tenancy enforcement team received complaints[…]

E-CINS – Managing ASB victims and witnesses

by Annabel Tate, Senior Tenancy Enforcement Officer, Brighton & Hove City Council I joined the Council Housing ASB team in Council Housing in 2010. We work with council tenants and leaseholders who are experiencing ASB and with any neighbours, regardless of tenure, who might also be affected. My role is Victim and Witness Risk Assessment[…]

Case Study: vulnerable victim

by Annabel Tate, Senior Tenancy Enforcement Officer, Brighton and Hove City Council The Issue An offender was being released from prison and my team had concerns that the offender would try to make contact with the victim, potentially affecting their safety. The Approach A PCSO made a note on E-CINS that the offender was due[…]

Case Study: Vulnerable Adult and ASB

Case Study: Vulnerable Adult and ASB by Gary Dewey, Anti-Social Behaviour Co-ordinator, Adur & Worthing Safer Communities Team The subject presented with a learning disability, suffered long standing depression and was anxious about an ongoing dispute between himself and his neighbours (some 10 years), involving allegation and counter allegation between all parties concerned. Allegations made to a[…]

Case Study – Vulnerable Family and ASB

by Andy Solomon, ASB Team Leader, Ipswich Borough Council The Issue: The case started to escalate when an 8 year old boy (Tom)  threatened the victimised family with a knife. Tom was from a family who had recently moved into the area and very little was known about them. It was later established that there[…]

Case Study – Vulnerable Adult

by Andy Solomon, ASB Team Leader, Ipswich Borough Council The Issue A 23 year old single female in an RSL property, she is vulnerable and was persuaded to give up her 2nd floor one bedroomed flat to two friends of her cousin, who came from London, whilst she moved out to live with the cousin[…]

High Risk Vulnerable Juvenile

Issue: A 15 year old male was identified as being a high risk vulnerable person in the council district of Adur and Worthing, West Sussex. Approach: A profile was created on E-CINS for this vulnerable person and they were added as high risk in the vulnerable persons gallery. Current situation: Within 15 minutes the person[…]

ASB, Child Protection and Domestic Violence

Issue: A case was reported relating to a family who were being subjected to some abuse from local children. Approach: A low level Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) case was entered on E-CINS. Current Situation: The case started to escalate when an 8 year old boy threatened the victimised family with a knife. The 8 year old was[…]