Suffolk Family Focus – Troubled Families

Issue: As part of the Government’s initiative to turn around the lives of 120,000 troubled families in the UK, Suffolk County Council needed to find a solution that would enable them to monitor, share information and work with 1150 local families who had been identified as in need of support. Approach: Suffolk were the first[…]

High Risk Vulnerable Juvenile

Issue: A 15 year old male was identified as being a high risk vulnerable person in the council district of Adur and Worthing, West Sussex. Approach: A profile was created on E-CINS for this vulnerable person and they were added as high risk in the vulnerable persons gallery. Current situation: Within 15 minutes the person[…]

Nothing being done! – Complaint by a member of the public (ASB)

Issue: A member of the public complained to the police in Brighton that nothing had been done about the anti-social behaviour she had reported. Approach: The duty Inspector logged into E-CINS and looked at the case, history and actions log. The Inspector was able to create two A4 pages of actions that had been carried[…]

Staffordshire and Norfolk manage an offender together on E-CINS (IOM)

Issue: A male person who was classed as a Prolific and other Priority Offender (PPO) from Staffordshire had moved to Norfolk. Approach: The Staffordshire Integrated Offender Management (IOM) Team notified their IOM colleagues in Norfolk. The PPO was interviewed and the situation was confirmed as being correct. The person’s E-CINS profile and the reports that[…]

Integrated Offender Management – Sgt Martin Steventon, Staffordshire Police

Issue: Staffordshire Police wanted an effective solution to case manage priority offenders across Staffordshire.  The IOM Team already had a healthy relationship with Stafford Prison but needed to improve how they share information in respect of individual offenders across partnership boundaries and in real time. Approach:  Stafford Prison agreed to sign up to E-CINS so[…]

IOM Team shares information with Prisons

Issue: Stafford and Dovegate Prisons wanted to improve the information-flow and communication between themselves and Staffordshire’s IOM Team. Approach: Their usual process was to provide verbal updates over the telephone about IOM managed offenders but they wanted a more effective way to securely share and log information about the offenders and to also improve the[…]

Restorative Justice

Issue:  Staffordshire is one of the National Pilot sites for the roll out of Neighbourhood Resolution Panels (NRPs). Staffordshire wanted a system to enable them to make referrals and record restorative justice interventions in one place that would be accessible by all relevant staff and agencies involved in the programme. Approach: Neighbourhood Resolution Panels are[…]

ASB, Child Protection and Domestic Violence

Issue: A case was reported relating to a family who were being subjected to some abuse from local children. Approach: A low level Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) case was entered on E-CINS. Current Situation: The case started to escalate when an 8 year old boy threatened the victimised family with a knife. The 8 year old was[…]

Providing a Seamless Approach to Managing Offenders

Staffordshire’s IOM Programme uses E-CINS to case manage priority offenders across Staffordshire. In August this year Stafford Prison agreed to sign up to E-CINS so that it could be used to update the IOM Programme directly in relation to the offenders it had in custody that were subject of IOM supervision. The IOM Team already had[…]

Restorative Justice: a Definition

Restorative justice (also sometimes called reparative justice) is an approach to justice that focuses on the needs of the victims and the offenders, as well as the involved community. Instead of satisfying abstract legal principles or punishing the offender. Victims take an active role in the process, while offenders are encouraged to take responsibility for[…]

Cross border, multi-agency offender management and ASB

Issue: The Anti-Social Behaviour Unit in Waveney, Suffolk had created a profile on E-CINS for an ASB perpetrator. This person was sent to prison and near the release date they were informed that the person was going to be living in Norfolk. The ASB Team in Suffolk needed some way of communicating this information to[…]

Using E-CINS in the Prisons

Heather Ette from Empowering-Communities had an interview with HMP Stafford’s Resettlement Officer Richard Bell and Senior Officer John Wood. As you know there is a proven link between IOM and Troubled Families and the IOM vision always was for the IOM journey to continue in prison. As you will see from the interview below that vision is now[…]