Integrated Offender Management – Sgt Martin Steventon, Staffordshire Police

Issue: Staffordshire Police wanted an effective solution to case manage priority offenders across Staffordshire.  The IOM Team already had a healthy relationship with Stafford Prison but needed to improve how they share information in respect of individual offenders across partnership boundaries and in real time. Approach:  Stafford Prison agreed to sign up to E-CINS so[…]

IOM Team shares information with Prisons

Issue: Stafford and Dovegate Prisons wanted to improve the information-flow and communication between themselves and Staffordshire’s IOM Team. Approach: Their usual process was to provide verbal updates over the telephone about IOM managed offenders but they wanted a more effective way to securely share and log information about the offenders and to also improve the[…]

Restorative Justice

Issue:  Staffordshire is one of the National Pilot sites for the roll out of Neighbourhood Resolution Panels (NRPs). Staffordshire wanted a system to enable them to make referrals and record restorative justice interventions in one place that would be accessible by all relevant staff and agencies involved in the programme. Approach: Neighbourhood Resolution Panels are[…]

ASB, Child Protection and Domestic Violence

Issue: A case was reported relating to a family who were being subjected to some abuse from local children. Approach: A low level Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) case was entered on E-CINS. Current Situation: The case started to escalate when an 8 year old boy threatened the victimised family with a knife. The 8 year old was[…]