Focus on: Andy Solomon, ASB Team Leader, Ipswich Borough Council

Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke to Andy Solomon, ASB Team Leader of the Community Protection Team at Ipswich Borough Council HE: What issues were you looking to address when you first started using E-CINS and have you found your use of it has expanded or developed into new areas since then? AS:  Our issues were agencies not[…]

Case Study – Vulnerable Family and ASB

by Andy Solomon, ASB Team Leader, Ipswich Borough Council The Issue: The case started to escalate when an 8 year old boy (Tom)  threatened the victimised family with a knife. Tom was from a family who had recently moved into the area and very little was known about them. It was later established that there[…]

Focus on Troubled Families – What works?

The Troubled Family Initiative is spurring many local authorities and their partners to look at the different strategies being used around the country to help them deliver the best outcomes for their own communities.  But what works and what doesn’t? Empowering-Communities took part in a recent online debate with a team of panellists from local[…]

E-CINS Family Assessment Feature

One of the ways E-CINS is helping customers with their Troubled Families Initiatives is through a new Family Risk Assessment Tool to be launched  soon.  The electronic E-CINS Family Assessment functionality is being developed in conjunction with a team of troubled families co-ordinators to ensure it properly reflects the needs and challenges of existing users.[…]

‘E-CINS is of significant strategic importance to the country’

by Gary Pettengell, Founder and MD Empowering-Communities In March we are having a meeting to brief a government department on E-CINS. This is because in their words ‘E-CINS is of significant strategic importance to the country’. I have been asked ‘why you?’ or ‘how have you managed to achieve what people said or thought couldn’t[…]

Keep Calm We’ve Got E-CINS

E-CINS may have been described as “The grass roots worker’s holy grail” but Inspector Barry Thacker from Derbyshire Police is taking it to a new level with his latest corporate gift for his E-CINS team. The “Keep Calm We’ve Got E-CINS” mug will be adorning the desks of Derbyshire’s ASB team. Good luck Derbyshire and[…]

Case Study – Vulnerable Adult

by Andy Solomon, ASB Team Leader, Ipswich Borough Council The Issue A 23 year old single female in an RSL property, she is vulnerable and was persuaded to give up her 2nd floor one bedroomed flat to two friends of her cousin, who came from London, whilst she moved out to live with the cousin[…]