New Electronic Family Assessment Tool Helps Analyse Results

With the news that the Government has commissioned a consortium of research bodies to keep track of its Troubled Families Programme, Councils are now tasked with compiling progress reports and supplying comprehensive data and analysis to show how their interventions are producing better outcomes for the families they have identified locally. Last month we told[…]

Family Assessment – Saving Time for Practitioners

One of the key advantages of the Family Assessment Tool is the considerable amount of time it saves practitioners and key workers including Troubled Families Co-ordinators.  Usual practice, until now, has been for assessments to be carried out in a paper-based format which needs to be filled in by hand. The new electronic version is[…]

Supporting More Than Just Troubled Families

E-CINS development lead, Gary Pettengell, said “E-CINS has a very different way of supporting the Troubled Families Agenda. It is  much more than just a bespoke Troubled Families software programme developed specifically for Troubled Families Co-ordinators. Instead it is a complete neighbourhood management solution that enables organisations to fully support their local troubled families initiative[…]

Creating an Electronic Family Assessment

The process of creating an assessment is quick and simple. When an assessment is started it automatically ‘pulls through’ the family members you have previously identified. This speeds up the assessment process and, once completed, you set your access permissions so that you can decide who can see the assessment and who can not. You[…]

Focus on: Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke to 180° Norfolk IOM’s Police Sgt Eddie Hammond

HE: At what point in your IOM programme did you start to use E-CINS, was your IOM programme already well established? EH: E-CINS had been established around 9 months prior to me being started with the Norfolk Integrated Offender Management Team. Due to E-CINS being very user friendly, I started using the Programme straight away[…]

Focus on: Norfolk IOM’s Housing Support Worker

“Using E-CINS has been a like a fresh flannel after washing with a brick for years” Chris Day, Housing Support Worker, 180° Norfolk  HE: You’ve been using E-CINS as part of Norfolk’s 180° IOM Programme, what’s your general view of the system? CD: It’s lovely to have a system that is quick to get in[…]

Case Study: Anti-Social Behaviour and Rehousing

by Andy Solomon, Ipswich Borough Council The Issue: Samantha is a 21 year old single female who has been known to agencies for several years for petty crime, drugs and general ASB issues. She left the family home after many disturbances and managed to get housed in a private landlord property in a quiet side[…]

Empowering-Communities Awarded ISO9001 Accreditation

We’re delighted to announce that Empowering-Communities has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard to “Develop and provide systems to facilitate multi agency information sharing”. ISO 9001 certification is awarded to companies that have established an internal Quality Management System which ensures their customers receive products or services that are fit for purpose, meet[…]

Data Protection FAQs

Q. In relation to E-CINS is all communication in transit encrypted? A. Yes. All of the communication with E-CINS is encrypted Q. Will the data about our organisation or our users be shared with third parties by Empowering-Communities? A. No data is shared with anyone outside of E-CINS. Q. How quickly could Empowering-Communities restore our[…]