Is it finally the end for silo working?

by Gary Pettengell, CEO Empowering-Communities and E-CINS founder I was recently talking to a Troubled Families lead who had been doing some engagement work with local schools. They had found to their surprise what an invaluable resource the schools were when it came to identify families in need. This reminded me about a Home Office[…]

Case Study: ASB and Racial Abuse by Neighbour

by Toni Dean, Chichester NPT, Sussex Police The Issue The subject was experiencing racial abuse and anti-social behaviour issues with their neighbours including verbal abuse, loud music, frequent problem visitors, harassment, intimidation and racial abuse The Approach Actions and processes undertaken included: Local officer visits to the victim and perpetrator’s addresses Housing officer visits were[…]

Managing Street Communities

Neighbourhood Police Officer Jimmy Upton of Sussex Police spoke to Empowering-Communities about his work in Chichester City Centre working with rough sleepers and the street community My day to day role is policing the city centre of Chichester – dealing with on-going problems, looking to reduce and detect crime through multi agency partnership working. In[…]

E-CINS – Managing Troubled Families

Waveney District Council has been using E-CINS since November 2012 to manage their award winning Troubled Families Programme, Suffolk Family Focus. Troubled Families Intervention Officer Daniel Chapman spoke to us about how E- CINS is enabling him to deliver better results. “One of the best examples I can give of where E-CINS has helped with[…]

E-CINS – Managing Travellers and Unlawful Encampments

by Colin Booker, Police Community Support Officer and Gypsy/Traveller Liaison officer for Sussex Police on Chichester District.  My day to day work revolves around dealing with low level crime and anti-social behaviour in the small villages within Funtington and Westbourne wards of Chichester District. Because I am also one of the Traveller Liaison Officers on the[…]