Would your records stand up to scrutiny?

by Gary Pettengell, Founder Empowering-Communities & Architect of E-CINS ‘If you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen‘ –  These are the famous last words of the prosecuting barrister as he stares at you up in a court of law. The above situation could become a reality for practitioners as the government have put forward proposals to prosecute[…]

Leicestershire latest to use E-CINS Needs Assessment Tool to manage people presenting in crisis

We are pleased to welcome Blaby and Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire who are going live with the E-CINS Needs Assessment. The Needs Assessment tool was developed for Derby City as part of a DWP pilot looking to manage people presenting in crisis under the new welfare reforms. This electronic assessment links questions to teams/organisations who[…]

You could save 1 hour per referral with the E-CINS Electronic Referral Forms and Custom Cases

This pioneering technology saves time and money for those involved in producing referrals and improves accuracy and service delivery to both agencies and customers. It can be used for any area of business and any hard copy or electronic referral forms can be adapted to work in this way. For example IOM, Troubled Families, MARAC,[…]

Scrap Metal Sites and Collectors

Led by British Transport Police as a 6 month pilot to be held in West Midlands and Staffordshire, this enables all existing and new dealer licences to be recorded and managed on E-CINS and shared with the Environment Agency’s database. Since the development of this functionality there has been an increased interest from councils in using[…]

E-CINS – Managing Organised Crime

Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke with Sergeant Mick Thorpe, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Constabulary HE: How do you use E-CINS to manage Organised Crime and Burglary MT: Currently we are using E-CINS’ Reports and Cases sections to add incidents of burglaries and we link that to the mapping tool to visually show where the burglaries have taken place. Separately[…]

E-CINS – Managing Vulnerable Adults

Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke with Sergeant Mick Thorpe, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Constabulary HE: How have you been using E-CINS for your work with Vulnerable Adults? MT: A very important area we have been using E-CINS for is vulnerable adults.  We get incidents where officers are called to a house and find people living with no electricity and[…]

Why early intervention is the answer

A recent study has suggested that dealing with social problems affecting children and young people in England and Wales ‘costs £17bn a year’. Some of the cash would be better spent on addressing the root causes of problems, argues the report by the charity Early Intervention Foundation. One of the key benefits of E-CINS is[…]

E-CINS – Managing Foreign Nationals

Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke to Sergeant Mick Thorpe, Deputy Safer Neighbourhood Manager, Peterborough HE: What’s your involvement with E-CINS? MT: We have been using E-CINS in Peterborough for around a year, originally just for managing ASB and IOM. It didn’t take long to see the huge benefits that could be derived from expanding its usage to other[…]

Foreign Nationals pilot to be rolled out across Cambs

by Chief Inspector Andy Bartlett, Cambridgeshire Constabulary ❝Due to the success of the Foreign Nationals pilot in Peterborough, it has now been rolled out across the whole force. Our work with the UKBA has been made more effective and efficient since using E-CINS for this area of business and we are able to be more[…]

Get help, advice, best practice and more 
at the E-CINS forum and support centre!

Communication with E-CINS Practitioners is at the top of our list so we hope you’ve checked out our new Online Forum!  It provides a great opportunity for E-CINS users around the country to network, get advice and share ideas and best practice.  To access the Forum click on the ‘Support Centre’ button on the E-CINS Dashboard. […]

Derbyshire Commissioner Rolls out E-CINS for further 2 years

  Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles has safeguarded the future of E-CINS to help justice agencies share information about anti-social behaviour. Commissioner Charles has committed £107,801 from his Community Safety Fund to continue the roll-out of E-CINS for the next two years. The project was initially funded by Derbyshire Constabulary to effectively manage medium and high[…]