Would your records stand up to scrutiny?

by Gary Pettengell, Founder Empowering-Communities & Architect of E-CINS ‘If you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen‘ –  These are the famous last words of the prosecuting barrister as he stares at you up in a court of law. The above situation could become a reality for practitioners as the government have put forward proposals to prosecute[…]

Leicestershire latest to use E-CINS Needs Assessment Tool to manage people presenting in crisis

We are pleased to welcome Blaby and Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire who are going live with the E-CINS Needs Assessment. The Needs Assessment tool was developed for Derby City as part of a DWP pilot looking to manage people presenting in crisis under the new welfare reforms. This electronic assessment links questions to teams/organisations who[…]

You could save 1 hour per referral with the E-CINS Electronic Referral Forms and Custom Cases

This pioneering technology saves time and money for those involved in producing referrals and improves accuracy and service delivery to both agencies and customers. It can be used for any area of business and any hard copy or electronic referral forms can be adapted to work in this way. For example IOM, Troubled Families, MARAC,[…]