Northampton Borough Council Teams up with Northamptonshire Police to Enforce Smoke-Free Legislation

Northampton Borough Council has begun working collaboratively through E-CINS with its local police force on a pilot scheme to enforce regulations that prevent adults from smoking in cars with children inside. Since the introduction of the new legislation in October 2015, which made it illegal for adults to smoke tobacco products in a vehicle with[…]

Football Partnership, Cooperation and Engagement

A dedicated gallery has been introduced on E-CINS to manage issues including Violence, Disorder, Disruption, and Damage perpetrated by spectators at football sporting events. These are termed as ‘risk supporters’ – the College of Policing definition of a risk supporter is: a person, known or not, who can be regarded as posing a possible risk[…]

Using E-CINS to Manage Hate Crime

Northamptonshire Police started using E-CINS for hate crime/incidents in April 2016. Sergeant Steve Bedford of the Hate Crime and Incidents Project has been involved in developing the use of E-CINS from the outset and whilst working on a Neighbourhood Team volunteered his team to pilot working with the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit.  He was appointed to[…]

Case Study – Racial Abuse Victim

A recent case highlights the ways 
E-CINS is being used successfully by Voice to assist in the management of Victim Support. The Issue A female victim first had contact with Voice after experiencing an assault linked to on-going issues with a neighbour. The referral came from the police after which a Support Worker made contact[…]

Restorative Justice Approaches in Northants

In 2014, Northamptonshire’s Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner commissioned a project to develop and deliver restorative approaches across the county, linked to a vision of Northamptonshire working towards being a restorative county by 2018. The service is being delivered by Restorative Solutions CIC a leading provider of RJ training and project management in[…]

Cross-Border Information Sharing around 
Unauthorised Encampments

Teams in Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire are working together to make the best use of E-CINS in the cross border management of unauthorised encampments. Teams will be using E-CINS to ensure improved communication between counties, supporting local engagement and improved identification of safeguarding and welfare needs across multi-agency teams. Cross County cases will be used[…]

National Scrap Metal Database Reduces Thefts

All Northants boroughs and districts are signed up to the National Scrap Metal Dealers (SMD) database on E-CINS. British Transport Police (BTP), which has led a taskforce tackling metal thefts, is running this database. Nationally the number of thefts from, or connected to, railways has come down significantly since the introduction of the SMD database.[…]

Using E-CINS
 For Licensing

by Martin O’Connell, Northamptonshire Police Licensing Sergeant Northamptonshire Police made a decision two years ago that we would replace our legacy licensing system with E-CINS and are now using the system across the county for the licensing of: alcohol entertainment late night refreshment (hot food, served between 11pm and 5am) music and other similar forms[…]

Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation

The Reducing Incidents of Sexual Exploitation (RISE) unit is the dedicated multi agency team tackling Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). It comprises staff from Safeguarding and Children’s Services, Police, CAN (a  third sector drug, alcohol and homeless service) and Health. It is co-located at Mereway, Northamptonshire Police Force Headquarters. Children’s services staff within RISE include: Three[…]

Strategic and User Group Meetings

E-CINS in Northants is currently governed by a Strategic Meeting but to facilitate with the operation of E-CINS across county a User Group was introduced with the following aims: Ensure E-CINS is used as the primary ASB case management system across the partnership as per ASB Countywide Strategy. Increase the use of E-CINS within organisations[…]

Early Intervention Helps Tackle Gang Issues Across Wellingborough

E-CINS is used as a database to record information to prevent gang and gang violence in Northants. All schools in Wellingborough have registered with E-CINS so that they can work in a multi agency environment to tackle anti social behaviour and youth violence. Preventing gang and gang violence has been recognised nationally and the Early[…]

Enabling More Engagement with IOM Partners

Northamptonshire has been using E-CINS as its case management system for all IOM cases across the county since September 2014. Suzanne Andrews, IOM Process and Performance Co-ordinator for Northamptonshire Police spoke to Empowering-Communities about the ways E-CINS has helped make a positive difference to partners and the people they are supporting. “Before E-CINS we used[…]

Anti Social Behaviour

Using E-CINS to Manage ASB and Street Community

By Sgt Julie Parsons, Manager ASB Unit & Rural Crime Team, Northamptonshire Police Case Management and Meetings We use E-CINS for all ASB cases which meet the criteria for case management, starting mostly with Police Safer Community Teams. We have a specialist ASB Unit who take on referrals when the cases need the expertise. Many[…]