Mansfield Complex Persons Panels

The Complex Persons Panel in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire use E-CINS to run their monthly CPP meetings. Mansfield CPP takes place at the District Council offices and is regularly attended by Police, Fire, Council, Housing, ASB, Environmental Health, Criminal Justice Liaison, Mental Health, Social Care, Catch 22 Victim Support and Probation.  The CPP Administrator stated ‘I update[…]

Commission a free report to calculate your savings

In these uncertain times, senior figures across the public sector are understandably preoccupied with savings. As a result, every programme or project needs to prove its worth with an accurate set of figures to support any outcomes. But when practitioners are busy actually doing the work, it’s hard for teams to find the time to[…]

Empowering-Communities Achieve 100% Pass Rate on Cyber Essentials Plus Technical Assessment

Empowering-Communities are pleased to report that we have successfully completed and passed with 100% (without any fault/observation) a Cyber Essentials Plus Technical Assessment prepared by Certifying Body MASS Consultants Ltd. Cyber Essentials Plus is the audited version of the Cyber Essentials information security standard. Cyber Essentials requires organisations to have a number of technical and[…]

How E-CINS has Become a Strategic Platform in Northants

by Simon Clifford, Director of Technology and Digital Transformation at Northamptonshire’s Office of Police and Crime Commissioner and Data Sharing Lead – County E-CINS Board Northamptonshire is fully committed to data sharing with its partners to reduce harm and increase public safety. It uses E-CINS as a strategic platform to support this, and would welcome[…]

Multi-agency safeguarding and the role of Community MARACs

Everyone has the right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. But issues that can lead to an adult or young person becoming vulnerable can be complex and multidimensional.  A number of Government reports have reiterated the need for agencies to work together to ensure that safeguarding decisions are based on a comprehensive[…]

Empowering-Communities Lithuanian School Celebrates 10th Anniversary

We are pleased to congratulate The Great Yarmouth Lithuanian School on its 10th anniversary. The school, which is funded by Empowering-Communities, was set up after Gary Pettengell was voted Person of the Year in Lithuania in 2007. Gary was inspired by stories of the ‘book carriers’ who smuggled books and newspapers across the border during the Russian ban on Lithuanian publications. This forty-year period,[…]

Running PREVENT Channel Panel Meetings on E-CINS

Beds, Herts and Cambs Prevent Team has used E-CINS since March 2016 and were the first area to use the system to run their Channel Panel meetings which consists of up to 16 members including Police, mental health, probation, Housing, Local Authorities and the lead for safeguarding and Prevent for education. The Channel Panel’s purpose[…]

Lowestoft Rising Intervention Meetings

Lowestoft Rising is a radical approach to delivering public sector services, creating an environment where public sector organisations work together in innovative ways to deliver better services and bring about long-term change for local people in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Comprising a group of five public sector partners – Suffolk Police, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner’s office, Waveney District Council, Suffolk County[…]

Using E-CINS for Meetings in Cambridgeshire

Aarron Locks is the Community Safety Manager at Fenland District Council in Cambridgeshire and is the Project Lead and Co-ordinator for the Alcohol Partnership. Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke to Aarron about the benefits of using E-CINS to run the Partnership’s meetings. HE: Who’s involved in the Alcohol Partnership meetings?  AL: There’s a wide range of[…]

E-CINS and Notts Complex Case Panels

Empowering-Communities ’ Heather Ette spoke to Police Sergeant Carl Holland, Operational Lead for E-CINS at Nottinghamshire Police about their Complex Case Panel Meetings that are chaired by Ashfield District Council and attended by a range of statutory organisations. ‘Between 10 and 15 representatives regularly attend the Ashfield Complex Case Panel’, said Carl. ‘The meeting is[…]

Call to Action – 
Work with us to Tackle Modern Day Slavery

Modern Day Slavery in the UK is prevalent with the Government estimating that tens of thousands of people are in modern slavery in the UK today. Amyas Morse, Head of the National Audit Office said this month “To combat modern slavery successfully, government will need to build much stronger information and understanding of perpetrators and[…]