Derbyshialan charlesre Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles has safeguarded the future of E-CINS to help justice agencies share information about anti-social behaviour.

Commissioner Charles has committed £107,801 from his Community Safety Fund to continue the roll-out of E-CINS for the next two years. The project was initially funded by Derbyshire Constabulary to effectively manage medium and high risk anti-social behaviour cases and two years in, the system is live in all districts across Derbyshire.

Recognising the huge value of the scheme, Commissioner Charles agreed to fund the remaining two-year contract to further enhance partnership working and promote the efficient exchange of information to tackle anti-social behaviour. Ongoing funding will be considered in the future following evaluation. Commenting on the funding, Commissioner Charles said: “Anti-social behaviour remains one of the biggest concerns of residents and is responsible for exaggerating the threat of crime in our communities. Time and time again local people tell me how anti-social behaviour is impacting on their quality of life and I’m determined to do everything possible to support them.

“We all recognise the merit in taking a joined up approach to anti-social behaviour which is why we’re working so closely with our local authority colleagues to respond to the risks and protect vulnerable people, particularly those who have suffered repeatedly.

“This system helps us all to communicate more effectively and highlights those cases which need urgent action, thus improving victim safety. The value of this service is significant which is why I’ve agreed to continue to provide funding to protect delivery over the next two years.”