Keeping you up to date about your profiles

loud hailerWhat is it and who is it for? 

We were asked to change the way we produce notifications so that you can easily see notifications of profiles where there has been no activity for 8 weeks. We have also made it easier for you to keep track of changes to a profile you are working with.

How does it work?

Now, if there has been no activity on a profile you are working with for 8 weeks you can see all of those profiles in one place in a list at the footer of your Notifications area.

When changes are made to a profile E-CINS now searches across cases, reports, actions and tasks from all partner agencies and places the profile for you to view in ‘My Gallery’.

How does it help practitioners?

You can easily review whether a profile still needs to be worked with after 8 weeks has expired or whether you can archive them.

The changes to profiles functionality enables you to be kept fully informed of any updates to a profile made by yourself or another agency at any time.

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