Transformational Software Provision revolutionises partnership relationships with providers

ectspEmpowering Communities are making available to schemes a new paper about  Transformational Software Provision which is set to revolutionise partnership working in the UK and globally.

What is ECTSP?

Empowering Communities Transformational Software Provision (ECTSP) enables strategic leads and senior managers to apply the principles to other systems they have or are purchasing and by demanding that these principles are applied they, their colleagues, their organisations and the communities they serve will all benefit.

ECTSP takes software development and delivery to the next level embracing key developments in partnership working, leadership, technology and, above all, relationships.

It represents a new way of thinking about partnerships and specifically the relationship between practitioners/users and the software design and development team.

By working to the principles of ECTSP we inspire, motivate and empower our system users to share their vision with us as we work together as a team. Traditionally software development has primarily focused on systems and procedures. Yet software is ultimately about people.

The importance of this is all to often not recognised in conventional development where the developers’ ideas, systems and processes take centre stage and the users have to ‘put up’ with things. Empowering Communities Transformational Software Provision redresses this by implementing powerful principles that drive initiatives, partnerships and ultimately future development forward.

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