E-CINS and Cambs Integrated Offender Management

Louise Williams, IOM Coordinator (Fens, Hunts, S Cambs, City, E Cambs) has been using E-CINS since August 2013 supporting partner agencies in IOM, substance misuse, NPS, CRC, Police, Prison and housing providers.

Louise spoke to Empowering-Communities about the ways E-CINS has assisted their IOM scheme across the county.

Before you used E-CINS how would you have fulfilled your role?

With difficulty, there was much more use of emails and telephone calls, however there was no multi agency case management tool.

How does E-CINS help you do your job?

One case management system.  Tasking, holding people to account.

How does E-CINS help speed up processes for you?

Less emails to send, able to access information from all partners timely.


Has using E-CINS helped you increase/improve the way you work with partners?

Most definitely and they all appreciate it too.

Do you think that having E-CINS benefits your work and how does it help your customers, does it help improve outcomes?

I don’t think you can evidence that it improves outcomes however I suspect it does.  It helps all partners in IOM to collectively case manage an individual.


Louise Williams, IOM Coordinator (Fens, Hunts, S Cambs, City, E Cambs)

Email: louise.Williams@cambs.pnn.police.uk

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