Access your own Statistical Data for Predictive Analysis

statisticsWhat is it and who is it for?

E-CINS holds a plethora of statistics and analytical data that you can now access through pre-defined reports. 

These statistics allow you to build and export a range of reports that provide statistical information that helps you plan where you need to employ your future resources.

How does it work?

Within the ‘Lists’ section of E-CINS there are a number of pre-defined reports which you can choose from which can help you produce high level statistics that help build a an in-depth picture of your data which you can use in predictive analysis. For example, IOM teams can pull statistics from a report which would tell them which high profile offenders are more likely to offend in the future using data gleaned from a broad spectrum of information from multiple agencies.

How does it help practitioners?

The improved statistics which you can produce from these reports enable you to more clearly understand future risks, predict where they are likely to happen and plan your resources to improve the way you address them.

It also gives you and your partners an increased understanding of behaviour and offending patterns and enables you to intervene earlier in identified risk areas. 

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