Add multiple profiles in one place

family nomination formWhat is it and who is it for?

We were approached by a number of areas to design a bespoke form that would enable practitioners to reduce the time spent on creating profiles for different family members. This functionality typically helps Troubled Families, Early Help and Children’s Services Teams.

How does it work?

The Early Help/Family Nomination Form enables you to complete a range of information on multiple profiles from one place. Questions including health, education, schools and children who need help is included together with a family consent signature box. When you complete the information you can assign a lead worker, give details of support plans and find details of agencies and workers who are involved in providing support.

How does it help practitioners?

Previously, you would have needed to create a case, search for a profile and then create a profile for each family member. This new form simplifies the process of adding a profile and detailed information on all family members at once, saving you time and money.

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