Build your own Risk Assessments

risk assessmentWhat is it and who is it for?

E-CINS held a number of different risk assessments that all worked in a different way. We have rewritten them to incorporate all the elements you need and to make it easier for you  to create your own scoring or non-scoring risk assessments.

How does it work?

You can now build your own risk assessment and add your own questions. The risk assessments work remotely on mobile devices so you can complete them wherever you are.

When you complete an assessment it produces a score which can be manually overridden so you can control the category of priority an individual is given.

How does it help practitioners?

You can design, build and save your own assessments, view them and re-assess them at a future date. Because the fields are pre-populated with the data from the previous assessment, you can save time and resources each time you carry out an assessment. You can compare scores with previous assessments and compare priority needs too.

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