Case Study: 
problem neighbour harassing council tenant

by Michael Raywood, Senior Tenancy Enforcement Officer, Housing, Brighton & Hove City Council

The Issue

A tenant was suffering from violent incidents and abuse from a homophobic neighbour.

The Approach

Information relating to the tenants and the incidents were recorded on E-CINS.

Even though the police worked different shifts to our own staff we were able to communicate in real-time via E-CINS enabling accurate information to be recorded and securely shared.

We were also able to upload witness statements and collect all the evidence we needed to bring the case to court at short notice.

The Result

Because all the information relating to the tenants and the incidents were recorded on E-CINS we were able to quickly bring a case against the problem neighbour. Being able to pull all the information from just one system speeded up the process and provided us with the evidence we needed to have the problem neighbour removed. It assisted with continuity and consistency in bringing the case to a prompt close.

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