Case Study: 
vulnerable adult displaced from home by drug users

by Michael Raywood, Senior Tenancy Enforcement Officer, Housing, Brighton & Hove City Council

The Issue

The Tenancy Enforcement Team found the man had been befriended by drug users who had persuaded him to allow them to use his property as a crack den. The tenant was so fearful he took to the streets whilst the tenancy enforcement team received complaints of noise nuisance, violence at the address and tenement block, blood spill, urine and faeces in communal ways and persistent footfall.

The Approach

Sussex Police, the Rough Sleepers Initiative Team and Social Services worked together with the Tenancy Enforcement Team to inform each other about the man’s vulnerabilities and to pull together the information required to force the drug dealers removal from the property.

The Result

All parties worked together via E-CINS to manage the man’s welfare during the process of getting him rehoused.  The E-CINS Notifications enabled all parties to be kept constantly up to date of the man’s whereabouts and safety while he was displaced and to monitor all incidents in real-time.

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