Case Study: ASB and Racial Abuse by Neighbour

by Toni Dean, Chichester NPT, Sussex Police

The Issue

The subject was experiencing racial abuse and anti-social behaviour issues with their neighbours including verbal abuse, loud music, frequent problem visitors, harassment, intimidation and racial abuse

The Approach

Actions and processes undertaken included:Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.57.04

  • Local officer visits to the victim and perpetrator’s addresses
  • Housing officer visits were made to both parties
  • Arrests for criminal offences and completion of risk assessments
  • Liaison with Chichester District Council Community Safety Team
  • Completion of incident diaries by residents
  • Police patrols

The Solution

All incidents were logged on E-CINS by Chichester District Council and the local housing association, Hyde Martlet, were given access to the case as it was one of their properties.

Due to the continuous updates on E-CINS by both Sussex Police and the social landlord both agencies were kept informed with what the other were doing and as a result worked efficiently and effectively jointly to get the problem neighbour moved from their property.

E-CINS sped up the moving and enforcement process by ensuring that everyone who was involved in the problem solving process was able to access all updates and reports on a daily basis. Rather than having to update agencies individually with reports of actions taken they were able to access these themselves immediately and take their own actions in a timely manner.

Multi agency problem solving was easily achieved without the need for lengthy meetings and phone calls, police evidence for Housing to take action was easily accessible. All agencies were aware of the risk factors in the case due to the risk assessments being able to be uploaded easily to the E-CINS case.

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