Cross border, multi-agency offender management and ASB


The Anti-Social Behaviour Unit in Waveney, Suffolk had created a profile on E-CINS for an ASB perpetrator. This person was sent to prison and near the release date they were informed that the person was going to be living in Norfolk. The ASB Team in Suffolk needed some way of communicating this information to Norfolk IOM to provide a seamless, integrated approach to managing the offender on release.


Via E-CINS, the Suffolk based ASB Team contacted the PPO Team in Norfolk who also used E-CINS. They granted named Norfolk PPO staff access to the person’s profile and within seconds they were able to manage the person between them, viewing and accessing a complete history of all their recorded information. This also provided information for a risk assessment on release.

Current Situation:

The person has remained in Norfolk and is now ‘managed’ on E-CINS by the Norfolk PPO Team who have been able to deliver a more detailed approach to their work due to being better informed as a result of the high level of information they were able to access via E-CINS.

Comment: DS Zoe Hardman of Norfolk Police said “We had all the information from the Suffolk ASB Team within seconds. In the past this would have taken a couple of weeks and that’s if we knew they were involved with the person”.

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