Dispelling the Double-keying Myth

“The time savings we’ve been able to make since using E-CINS has been enormous. We’ve been able to significantly cut down the time we spend on data entry and searching for information, it is just so quick. We now spend far less time in the office and, as a result, far more time with our clients.

We all have our our own systems that we keep up to date with client information. I have my client intervention records and the database for the contract I work for which I input information into but I then cut and paste it into E-CINS. It’s definitely worth a bit of cut and pasting because that’s all it

is, its not a big deal and it’s a really really good tool because we all have access anytime we need it. It’s having that multi- agency realtime sharing that is making the difference.”

Toni Keryell-Emmerson, Employment Adviser, 180 Norfolk

“Double keying has been an issue raised during our numerous visits, rarely raised by operational staff but often from strategic decision makers. There is in our view multiple benefits to some degree of double keying when it results in

information being shared pan-partnerships for the public good. Over time it is our vision that less will be put on other systems and solely inputted to E-CINS and shared accordingly.

Like bureaucracy (and cholesterol) there is healthy and bad, to dismiss such a beneficial cross-partnership case management system purely around double keying issues is perhaps a tad risk averse and short sighted.

Additionally there is a wealth of information that is put on to E-CINS by others and not taken from police systems. Much of the transferring of information from one system to another is simply a matter of locate, copy and paste.”

Sgt Martin Steventon, Staffordshire Police

“The improved information we were able to receive at a click of a button was enabling our Field Officers to take the lead but to simply direct tasks to other agencies who are part of the E-CINS system.”

Sgt Richard Nightingale, IOM Lead, Staffordshire Police

“It is quick and easy to use and allows you to manage communications with a range of individuals and agencies.”

Libby Nock, Victim Support, Restorative Justice Co-ordinator, Staffordshire

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