February 10, 2016

E-CINS and Victim Services/Victim Gateway

Empowering-Communities offers a complete Victim Service Desk Management System enabling victim data imports from organisations systems that can then be accessed and managed by a Victim Services Team.

Victims needing single or multi-agency case management will be ‘sent’ to E-CINS via an API.

Features include:

  • Automatic daily Imports of Victim data from organisations systems
  • Automatic flagging of potential duplicate profiles
  • Optional Manual Weeding of duplicate profiles
  • Respond to/communicate with Victims via SMS,Email, Phone call and Letter
  • Victim Timeline showing a chronological record including:
    • Contact dates
    • Contact Method (SMS, Email, Phone, letter, visit)
    • User Notes
    • Time spent
  • Geolocation of Victims and Reports (victimisation event)
  • Dual level user structure - Admin and User
  • Full user action logs
  • Standalone system with the ability to link to E-CINS for ongoing case management
  • My Tasks/deadlines

For more information contact support@empowering-communities.org