Empowering-Communities Achieve 100% Pass Rate on Cyber Essentials Plus Technical Assessment

Empowering-Communities are pleased to report that we have successfully completed and passed with 100% (without any fault/observation) a Cyber Essentials Plus Technical Assessment prepared by Certifying Body MASS Consultants Ltd.

Cyber Essentials Plus is the audited version of the Cyber Essentials information security standard. Cyber Essentials requires organisations to have a number of technical and procedural controls in place to improve their information security in order to mitigate common internet – borne cyber – attacks. Cyber Essentials Plus is a series of tests that provide a further level of assurance that these technical controls have been successfully implemented within an organisation.

Gary Pettengell, Founder Empowering-Communities said “Cyber Essentials provides assurance that a number of key information security controls are in place within our organisation. For further assurance, the IASME information security standard provides a broader set of controls that enable good information security governance across an organisation.’

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