Empowering-Communities Passes Rigorous G-Cloud 9 Application Process

Empowering Communities has been accepted onto the government’s latest G-Cloud 9 framework. Following a meticulous application process, five products are now available to procure directly.

G-Cloud 9 makes it simpler and safer for the public sector to adopt leading cloud technology. By using the Digital Marketplace, organisations can find a range of services matching their specific requirements.

All suppliers are legally required to meet a challenging set of minimum standards relating to security, privacy, cost and data storage. There are hundreds of stipulations, including:

  • Compliance with the Official Secrets Act 1911 to 1989
  • Compliance with the Data Protection Act
  • Employer’s liability insurance of at least £5,000,000
  • Working according to the digital-by-default service standard
    • Understanding user needs
    • Doing ongoing user research
    • Having a multidisciplinary team
    • Using agile methods
    • Iterating and improving frequently
    • Using open standards and common platforms
    • Making a plan for being offline
  • Agreeing to the government’s technology code of practice
    • Making software interoperable
    • Making data open by default, while minimising and securing personal data, or data restricted for national security reasons
    • Following the principles set out in the Security policy framework and Security Classification Policy
    • Making services and systems compliant with EN 301 549 and following accessibility guidance
    • Helping to promote good practice and avoiding duplicate efforts by sharing and reusing.
    • Meeting the Digital Service Standard for digital services
    • Complying with the Greening Government ICT strategy

A full list of criteria can be found here. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/how-digital-marketplace-suppliers-have-been-evaluated

After suppliers have been accepted onto the framework, the Crown Commercial Service performs a number of ongoing checks, such as monitoring supplier credit scores and investigating specific queries.

Gary Pettengell, Empowering Communities’ CEO, said: “We’re working hard to create leading cloud products that help public sector teams collaborate for the greater good. Our acceptance on to G-Cloud 9 validates the continued efforts of everyone at Empowering Communities.”

Five products are now available to buy through the government’s digital marketplace.


Enables practitioners to securely share information individually, locally, across borders and nationally. It can be used as a standalone case management system or a multi-agency sharing/search tool to complement legacy software.  View details.

EC Connect

A multi-channel CRM and community engagement framework that gives organisations their own secure private cloud. It enables optional communication with the public, practitioners and other organisations as well as an interface with E-CINS. View details.


Creates a secure single point of access to a range of services allowing providers to escalate the support they offer to vulnerable victims and those with complex needs. View details.


A secure multi-channel MASH solution that gives teams and whole organisations the ability to communicate with their clients. It records every interaction, including emails, letters sent, phone calls, meetings and visits. View details.


A secure, private cloud-based system for the management of victims of crime. It automatically imports data from other systems and it’s designed to help organisations meet their obligations under the Victim Code. Features include encrypted public-facing self-referral forms. View details.

Empowering Communities helps organisations to collaborate beyond traditional boundaries. To find out more, call Gary Pettengell on 01493 858768 or email gary@empowering-communities.org.

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