Communication with E-CINS Practitioners is at the top of our list so we hope you’ve checked out our new Online Forum! 

It provides a great opportunity for E-CINS users around the country to network, get advice and share ideas and best practice.  To access the Forum click on the ‘Support Centre’ button on the E-CINS Dashboard.  Here’s what you can find there…

E-CINS Announcements 

From now on, if we have something new to tell you we will post it as an Announcement in the E-CINS Forum.  To make sure you don’t miss it, E-CINS will automatically alert you the next time you log in.

Support Centre

In our new Support Centre you will find lots of useful tips, articles and video guides in our Solutions/Knowledge Base.  We’re creating more info everyday so keep coming back to see what’s new.

E-CINS Forum

Remember the forums are available to post any questions you have or ideas too.  We have Specialist Forums for areas of business such as IOM, ASB, Troubled Families and more.  If you need any new Specialist Forums created please just give us a call!

We have some projects listed so you can contribute to development work and we’re also producing e-learning packages. The first one is ‘getting started on E-CINS’.


Finally, if you have ever sent a ticket to us via support@empowering-communities.org you can see the status of all your tickets within the Support Centre too.

User Directory

A welcome introduction to the E-CINS Forum, the User Directory is designed to make life quicker and easier for our E-CINS family. You can now:

  • search for users that are signed up to the system
  • search for users in specific schemes or even nationally
  • find users based on their level ie. admin, org admin, team admins etc.
  • see if users are active or inactive. (Deactivated users are shown in red)
  • access a “quick view” by hovering over a user’s name and find more information about the user such as areas they have access to
  • quickly and easily task and message other users from the messaging area or from the quick view