HMIC cite E-CINS in PEEL report

The HMIC – PEEL (police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy programme) report gave Sussex Police a “Good” in several areas of ASB.

Use of Police Tactics:  Partnership working and information sharing

“Sussex Police has developed a commendable range of mature partnerships which are helping it to prevent and reduce crime. These are characterised by routine sharing of information and a common risk management process that enables all partners to understand vulnerabilities associated with individuals.

A shared web-based case management system known as E-CINS (Empowering Communities Inclusion and Neighbourhood Management System) facilitates the development of joint action plans to support victims and tackle offenders. For example, tasks are assigned to partners through E-CINS and officers are held accountable through the anti-social behaviour action group, which meets on a monthly basis”.

Community contact and victim care:  Partnership working

“Dedicated analysts collate and analyse data provided by partner service providers. This is an essential part of the development of anti-social behaviour action plans and case management on E-CINS.

In particular, it is important in the early identification of emerging trends of anti-social behaviour, and informs the development of interventions to prevent them from escalating”.

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