Mansfield Complex Persons Panels

The Complex Persons Panel in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire use E-CINS to run their monthly CPP meetings. Mansfield CPP takes place at the District Council offices and is regularly attended by Police, Fire, Council, Housing, ASB, Environmental Health, Criminal Justice Liaison, Mental Health, Social Care, Catch 22 Victim Support and Probation. 

The CPP Administrator stated ‘I update E-CINS after the meeting, logging all tasks which are then sent out through the system to the Panel members to individually action. When an action is completed E-CINS automatically notifies me so that I am kept up to date, in realtime, of any tasks and actions outstanding.

‘E-CINS is a better system because the reminders mean we are not just relying on an individual to action a task, the person who is tasked also receives reminders which makes it less reliant on an individual and the agencies who are involved to keep logging into the system to see what has been completed and what hasn’t.  It means we are always up to date on what is happening and we don’t have to wait until the next meeting.’

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