Melanie Locke Joins the Team

mel locke croppedWe are delighted to announce the appointment of Melanie Locke to the Empowering-Communities team.   Until recently a sergeant with Sussex Police, she has 27 years of experience in a variety of roles from responding to emergency calls to working on complex murder cases. Melanie has been awarded a divisional congratulations for her partnership work recognising the training she has given in the harm based approach, the multi agency sharing of information on E-CINS and the development of the MARAT (multi-agency risk assessment and tasking).

Melanie has championed the importance of standardising working practices around E-CINS and has lead the way in setting up a Memorandum of Understanding so that schemes around the county can benefit from a formalized working agreement that sets the scene for effective information sharing via the system.

Melanie is currently leading a project around cost savings through using E-CINS and would be interested to speak with practitioners who have already made time and resource savings from using the system.

Melanie can be contacted at:

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