Automated notifications and updates to practitioners

Make sure you don’t miss out on what’s important. 
E-CINS automatically notifies practitioners of risk assessment changes and you can register an interest in a person or topics to be notified by email when they are added to the system or if anything changes on a case. There’s also a unique ‘Trigger Factor Alert’ that facilitates early intervention by notifying scheme leads if the alert is not acknowledged by the relevant practitioner.

E-CINS’ Users Directory enables you to see who is working with a customer and make contact from within the system as well as messaging organisations.

If there has been no activity on a profile you are working with for 8 weeks you can see all of those profiles in one place in a list at the footer of your Notifications area.

When changes are made to a profile E-CINS searches across cases, reports, actions and tasks from all partner agencies and places the profile for you to view in ‘My Gallery’.

You can easily review whether a profile still needs to be worked with after 8 weeks has expired or whether you can archive them.

The changes to profiles functionality enables you to be kept fully informed of any updates to a profile made by yourself or another agency at any time.