Scheme specific risk assessments and electronic forms built in

E-CINS has a number of pre-definable risk assessments built in. We can take your current assessments and convert them at no extra cost so you can carry out electronic risk assessments from the office or wherever you’re working from.

The risk assessment bands are colour coded using a traffic light system. Red = High, Amber = Medium and Green = Low risk. Profiles automatically move up and down these bands as their risk changes and you can select to be automatically notified of risk assessment changes.

There are a number of different types of electronic risk assessments on E-CINS including Domestic Abuse DASH forms and a Family Assessment.

E-CINS is also leading the way by enabling practitioners to convert hard copy forms to electronic versions so that fields can be pre-populated with data and a range of pre-defined questions that practitioners and front-line staff can use on site. This pioneering development is allowing trained and non-trained staff to carry out effective needs assessments which can then be sent on as referrals.