Running meetings on E-CINS

More and more practitioners are finding new ways of using E-CINS in their day to day administration including running meetings which has become very popular due to the time and money savings it brings.

Whether its team meetings or multi-agency meetings, there’s many benefits you can get from E-CINS including:

  • The ability to run paperless meetings
  • Share information and documents with partners who are not on secure networks
  • Run face to face meetings, virtual meetings or a combination of the two which is particularly useful for rural or regional meetings
  • The tasking functionality on E-CINS can be used live within the meeting. This means there is no longer the need for someone to take down actions and email them out.
  • Tasks (actions) are updated live within the ‘meeting case’ making it easier to see which task have been completed and which ones are outstanding
  • Cases, reports and profiles (people) can be linked to the meeting case
  • Real time information sharing means that updates can be received during the meeting
  • Minutes can be typed directly in the case notes
  • Access permissions can be applied to the ‘meeting case’ so it can be locked down

The anti social behaviour unit at Waveney District Council has been using E-CINS in meetings for the past 3 years. Rachel Tucker Active Communities Officer (Anti Social Behaviour) said “We use it at our fortnightly ASB partnership meetings which we project onto TV screens in our conference rooms. We no longer have to use agenda’s or type minutes as the information is already there on E-CINS (the agenda is our caseload). These can be accessed by individuals prior to the meetings by searching our teams caseload on E-CINS. The minutes are either added under case log/actions page (at the moment it is discussed) or more confidential info is created under reports. We also set our task from the meetings. The reduction in time spent on admin has reduced immensely. Once the 2 hour meeting is over, there is no need to do anything more, other than if you have a task sent to you from the meeting.

Lowestoft’s Vulnerable adult meeting hosted by Lowestoft Rising has also copied a similar format and have been successfully using it for the past 8 months. Instead of cases for each vulnerable person, one case is created and every vulnerable person has a named report so we can see the running log each meeting but you can see every profile under the one case.”

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