Staffordshire and Norfolk manage an offender together on E-CINS (IOM)


A male person who was classed as a Prolific and other Priority Offender (PPO) from Staffordshire had moved to Norfolk.


The Staffordshire Integrated Offender Management (IOM) Team notified their IOM colleagues in Norfolk. The PPO was interviewed and the situation was confirmed as being correct. The person’s E-CINS profile and the reports that had been created in Staffordshire were amended and access to the information was granted to the Norfolk IOM Team.

Current situation:

The PPO is currently living in Norfolk and is working with the Norfolk IOM Team. IOM staff in Norfolk are recording all their work with the person on E-CINS. It was agreed that for the next couple of months this person will be managed by both teams in Staffordshire and Norfolk.


If the person decides to live in Norfolk permanently the case ownership will be passed to Norfolk. If the person returns to Staffordshire the access permissions will be amended and Staffordshire will have an accurate and up to date record of the work that was done whilst the person was living outside of their area.

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