Managing Street Communities

Neighbourhood Police Officer Jimmy Upton of Sussex Police spoke to Empowering-Communities about his work in Chichester City Centre working with rough sleepers and the street community My day to day role is policing the city centre of Chichester – dealing with on-going problems, looking to reduce and detect crime through multi agency partnership working. In[…]

Case Study: Unauthorised Encampments of Travellers

by PCSO Colin Booker, Chichester Issue Chichester District saw 52 unauthorised encampments during the period 1st February 2013 to 1st October 2013. The encampments were spread across the District and on a mix of private land and local authority land. Whilst some of the encampments were present, reports were received regarding anti-social behaviour which included; Generators being[…]

Managing ASB and Hate Crime in Chichester

E-CINS – Managing ASB and Hate Crime – Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette interviewed Toni Dean, ASB and Hate Crime Co-ordinator for the Neighbourhood Policing Team in Chichester for Sussex Police.  HE: What does your day to day work entail and what are your main aims? TD: My main aim is to reduce Hate Crime and Anti Social Behaviour in the Chichester[…]