Multi-agency safeguarding and the role of Community MARACs

Everyone has the right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. But issues that can lead to an adult or young person becoming vulnerable can be complex and multidimensional.  A number of Government reports have reiterated the need for agencies to work together to ensure that safeguarding decisions are based on a comprehensive[…]

Thank you for supporting 10 years of Empowering-Communities

It was the year of the News of the World phone hacking scandal, the rebuilt Wembley Stadium opened to the public for the first time and Celebrity Big Brother was launched on Channel 4.  2007 was also the year that Empowering-Communities was founded by CEO Gary Pettengell, following a successful 20 year career involved in[…]

Cambs Leads The Way On Conditional Cautioning

Cambridgeshire Constabulary is pioneering an initiative on E-CINS aimed at helping low-level offenders make amends for their crimes and avoid a court hearing. In conjunction with the Liaison and Diversion Scheme East of England, the offender’s issues are identified and appropriate conditions are set as well as the timeframe in which it needs to be[…]

Peterborough Pilot Reduces Low-Level Offending Through
 Pioneering Integrated Offender Recovery Programme

An intensive support programme to help the recovery of vulnerable people who commit low level crime is reducing offending levels across Peterborough. The Integrated Offender Recovery Programme (IROP), thought to be the first of its kind nationally, focuses on helping people with mental health and/or drug and alcohol issues, who are vulnerable and can be[…]

E-CINS Forum and Working Groups Launched

Several schemes and users have identified the need for a National E-CINS Forum and I am now in the process of setting one up. I have listed some of the areas of business E-CINS is used to manage below. It therefore makes sense to have a number of working groups under the Forum umbrella. Each working group can[…]

E-CINS – Managing Organised Crime

Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke with Sergeant Mick Thorpe, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Constabulary HE: How do you use E-CINS to manage Organised Crime and Burglary MT: Currently we are using E-CINS’ Reports and Cases sections to add incidents of burglaries and we link that to the mapping tool to visually show where the burglaries have taken place. Separately[…]

E-CINS – Managing Foreign Nationals

Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke to Sergeant Mick Thorpe, Deputy Safer Neighbourhood Manager, Peterborough HE: What’s your involvement with E-CINS? MT: We have been using E-CINS in Peterborough for around a year, originally just for managing ASB and IOM. It didn’t take long to see the huge benefits that could be derived from expanding its usage to other[…]

Derbyshire Commissioner Rolls out E-CINS for further 2 years

  Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles has safeguarded the future of E-CINS to help justice agencies share information about anti-social behaviour. Commissioner Charles has committed £107,801 from his Community Safety Fund to continue the roll-out of E-CINS for the next two years. The project was initially funded by Derbyshire Constabulary to effectively manage medium and high[…]

E-CINS Mapping Tool Helps to Identify Street Drinker Problem Areas

Adam Pearce, who is part of an ASB and Licensing Team in Fenland, Cambridgeshire is responsible for running the biggest case currently on E-CINS managing Street Drinkers. Adam spoke to Empowering- Communities’ Heather Ette about how the new E-CINS Mapping Tool is improving police work across the district.  HE: How did your involvement with E-CINS begin?[…]

E-CINS helps tackle Crime Reduction and Anti- Social Behaviour in Warwickshire

Helen Earp, Community Safety Projects Officer from Warwickshire County Council spoke to Empowering- Communities about the ways E-CINS is helping to tackle ASB and Troubled Families. How is Warwickshire using E-CINS? We went live in June this year and at the moment we are using it for two business areas. Our Priority Families Team are[…]

Working In The Prisons

by Inspector Matt Derrick, IOM Operations Manager, Staffordshire 180˚ I have over the past 12 months been working with a seconded governor from Stafford Prison to seek to embed our IOM approach in each of our region’s prison establishments.  We have been seeking a single approach to the case management of IOM offenders adopted onto[…]

Pubs to access new ‘Facebook of crime’

Pubs to access new ‘Facebook of crime’ Article by Raymond Brown, A ‘Facebook of crime’ is being launched to tackle troublemakers in Cambridge’s pubs and clubs. The web pages are similar to those on the social networking site, but instead of ‘friends’, will hold the profiles of individuals who have been banned from bars and[…]