Commission a free report to calculate your savings

In these uncertain times, senior figures across the public sector are understandably preoccupied with savings. As a result, every programme or project needs to prove its worth with an accurate set of figures to support any outcomes. But when practitioners are busy actually doing the work, it’s hard for teams to find the time to[…]

Empowering-Communities Achieve 100% Pass Rate on Cyber Essentials Plus Technical Assessment

Empowering-Communities are pleased to report that we have successfully completed and passed with 100% (without any fault/observation) a Cyber Essentials Plus Technical Assessment prepared by Certifying Body MASS Consultants Ltd. Cyber Essentials Plus is the audited version of the Cyber Essentials information security standard. Cyber Essentials requires organisations to have a number of technical and[…]

Empowering-Communities Lithuanian School Celebrates 10th Anniversary

We are pleased to congratulate The Great Yarmouth Lithuanian School on its 10th anniversary. The school, which is funded by Empowering-Communities, was set up after Gary Pettengell was voted Person of the Year in Lithuania in 2007. Gary was inspired by stories of the ‘book carriers’ who smuggled books and newspapers across the border during the Russian ban on Lithuanian publications. This forty-year period,[…]

Brief User Guide to E-CINS for SPOCS

Purpose of E-CINS for ASB victims The point of entering information onto E-CINS is to keep a record so that other relevant agencies can view the actions we are taking to protect victims. Any number of users can access the same profile at the same time. In this and other ways E-CINS enables a dialogue[…]

Running meetings on E-CINS

More and more practitioners are finding new ways of using E-CINS in their day to day administration including running meetings which has become very popular due to the time and money savings it brings. Whether its team meetings or multi-agency meetings, there’s many benefits you can get from E-CINS including: The ability to run paperless[…]

E-CINS working groups and the importance of showcasing best practice

by Chief Superintendent Wayne Jones, Sussex Police Headquarters and PS Melanie Locke, Force Wide Partnership for E-CINS, Neighbourhood Policing Branch, Sussex Police E-CINS Working Groups are becoming increasingly popular with a number of counties now holding them frequently. Sussex were one of the first to recognise the benefits and have been instrumental in advising other[…]

New National Stalking Advocacy Service to be Managed on E-CINS

A new National Stalking Advocacy Service is due to be launched officially at the House of Lords on Thursday 11th July 2013. Founded by Co-Directors Laura Richards and Harry Fletcher, Paladin’s caseworkers will use E-CINS to manage stalking cases around the country and help provide support to victims of a crime that affects around 120,000[…]

Is it finally the end for silo working?

by Gary Pettengell, CEO Empowering-Communities and E-CINS founder I was recently talking to a Troubled Families lead who had been doing some engagement work with local schools. They had found to their surprise what an invaluable resource the schools were when it came to identify families in need. This reminded me about a Home Office[…]

E-CINS – Managing Troubled Families

Waveney District Council has been using E-CINS since November 2012 to manage their award winning Troubled Families Programme, Suffolk Family Focus. Troubled Families Intervention Officer Daniel Chapman spoke to us about how E- CINS is enabling him to deliver better results. “One of the best examples I can give of where E-CINS has helped with[…]

E-CINS – Managing Travellers and Unlawful Encampments

by Colin Booker, Police Community Support Officer and Gypsy/Traveller Liaison officer for Sussex Police on Chichester District.  My day to day work revolves around dealing with low level crime and anti-social behaviour in the small villages within Funtington and Westbourne wards of Chichester District. Because I am also one of the Traveller Liaison Officers on the[…]

Reading List – Rachael Slack: Deaths ‘could have been prevented’

The partner of a woman murdered with her young son insists that the deaths could have been prevented if information had been shared amongst agencies. Andrew Cairns stabbed his pregnant ex-partner Rachael Slack and their 23-month-old son Auden in 2010 at their Derbyshire home before killing himself. A Serious Case Review found that authorities could[…]

E-CINS Mapping Tool Helps to Identify Street Drinker Problem Areas

Adam Pearce, who is part of an ASB and Licensing Team in Fenland, Cambridgeshire is responsible for running the biggest case currently on E-CINS managing Street Drinkers. Adam spoke to Empowering- Communities’ Heather Ette about how the new E-CINS Mapping Tool is improving police work across the district.  HE: How did your involvement with E-CINS begin?[…]

Speaker Summaries
: Gary Pettengell – Chief Executive and 

“E-CINS is brought to you by Empowering-Communities.  We are a not-for-profit social enterprise and our aim is to empower vulnerable people and their families. How We Will Grow E-CINS in 2014  It’s all about how we can do it together, it’s about the promotion of a way of working. 2014 will be our fourth year. We[…]

Speaker Summaries: Barry Thacker – Partnership Liaison Inspector, Derbyshire Police

“I am a police officer seconded to the county council and working with some fantastic partners within Derbyshire. Derbyshire made the decision to adopt a multi-agency system following a pilot in three of our districts to see what size of problem we had. We rolled out a risk assessment matrix throughout Derbyshire using a partnership approach[…]

Speaker Summaries: Martin Steventon – Sergeant, Staffordshire Police with Richard Bell, Resettlement Officer – HMP Stafford

Martin Steventon – “As one of the Deputy Managers in the IOM programme we focus on serious inquisitive criminals. We’ve been using E-CINS for 2 years and now manage approx 720 serious criminals on the system.  On a daily basis all information that comes in from our police and partner systems is put on to E-CINS[…]

Speaker Summaries: Peter Castleton – Community Safety Manager, Brighton & Hove City Council

“In Brighton we piloted E-CINS with ASB only, we’re two and a bit years in and we want to get it completely right in that area of business before we start rollling it out into other areas such as DV which is likely to be the next area we use E-CINS for.   Overcoming Barriers[…]

Speaker Summaries: Dave Palmer – Sussex Police

“E-CINS was already in place when I came into it around 5 months ago and I am working with Pete and other agencies to take it forward.  The lead agency originally was responsible for disseminating all information.  You would go to the meetings, you would take the phone calls and emails and, like Mel said,[…]

Speaker Summaries: Michael James – Operations Manager, Empowering-Communities

New Dashboard We now have Lists, Stats and My Workload on the Dashboard and some new galleries – Stalking, Child Sexual Exploitation and Gangs/Operation Holdcroft. We’ve added in the MORE button and behind here are other galleries which has given us scope to grow as new areas of business start using the system.  We have[…]

Q & A With Mark Walchester

Q. I’m keen to get the Voluntary Sectors on board but it has been quite a struggle with regard to data protocols and information sharing, have you been successful in having any voluntary organisation sign up to E-CINS? A. We are working very closely with the Trussles clothes and food bank. It’s a great indicator of vulnerability[…]

Opening Address to the E-CINS Conference Mark Hopkins, Assistant Chief Constable, Cambridgeshire

“It’s a great pleasure to be invited to open this conference today and to see so many people dedicated to the work that’s been going on with E-CINS and, more importantly, committed to the concept of partnership working. It’s about engaging partners and maximising participation but from a strategic perspective, it’s also about managing risk[…]

Adur & Worthing Safer Communities Team Presentation by Gary Dewey

Biography Gary Dewey is acting Anti-Social Behaviour Co-ordinator for Adur and Worthing Councils and has been a member of the Council’s Safer Communities Team since 2009. Gary has been instrumental in developing and embedding a number of initiatives and approaches in the management and reduction of Anti-Social Behaviour. A retired Police Officer, Gary has undertaken[…]

Staffordshire IOM & Prison use of E-CINS

by Sgt Martin Steventon, Staffordshire IOM Staffordshire IOM is now using E-CINS to work even closer with ten prisons in the Midlands Region; these prisons manage around 85% of the 220 IOM Offenders who are part of the IOM Programme. The scheme manages 715 offenders. Each IOM Offender sent to prison has an E-CINS ‘Prison[…]

E-CINS responds to call for National Dementia Database

Sir Peter Fahy, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester is calling for a national database to help manage incidents involving people suffering from dementia. He said the police service needed to look at procedures which would ensure people with dementia get a better service. It is estimated there are 800,000 people in the UK who are[…]

Our New Look Newsletter

You may have noticed a new look for our newsletter this month and a new name to boot “Partnership Breakthroughs”. Our aim is to bring you informative articles about the work we’re doing at Empowering-Communities and to also provide insights into new innovations and ideas that can help inspire partnership work and encourage best practice.[…]

Focus on: Sally Watson, Communities Officer, Suffolk

Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke to Sally Watson, Communities Officer (Safe), Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils HE: Where do you work, what is your role and how does E-CINS fit into the work you do? SW:  I work for Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils as a Communities Officer (Safe). I have only been in[…]

Case Study: – ASB, Street Drinking & HiMOs

by Inspector Barry Thacker, Force Partnership Liaison Officer, Safer Derbyshire` The Issue Mr & Mrs O have lived at their current address for 20 years and Mr & Mrs C have lived at their home address for 6 years. Both have kept detailed ASB diaries since the initial report was made in 2009. The owner[…]

Focus on: Norfolk IOM’s Employment Adviser

Empowering- Communities’ Heather Ette spoke to Toni Keryell- Emmerson, a MOVEON east Employment Adviser working as part of the 180 Degree Norfolk team in Norwich. HE: What is your role within the IOM Team and how does E-CINS fit into the work you do? TKE: MOVEON east, part of Stonham, is a charitable organisation providing a[…]

Focus on: Staffordshire RJ Victim Support

Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke to Libby Nock, Victim Support Restorative Justice Co-ordinator, Staffordshire HE: What is the main role of RJ in Staffordshire, is it a police led programme and how does it make a difference to victims, perpetrators and society as a whole? LN: RJ is about bringing victims and offenders into communication, to[…]

Managing Licensed Premises with E-CINS

We are delighted to announce the development of the E-CINS Licensing Assessment Tool which was launched at the Multi-Agency Management of Licensed Premises Presentation on 29th May 2013 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Representatives from Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies, Great Yarmouth Borough Council and Suffolk Licensing were in attendance to see how the system would enable[…]

New Electronic Family Assessment Tool Helps Analyse Results

With the news that the Government has commissioned a consortium of research bodies to keep track of its Troubled Families Programme, Councils are now tasked with compiling progress reports and supplying comprehensive data and analysis to show how their interventions are producing better outcomes for the families they have identified locally. Last month we told[…]

Family Assessment – Saving Time for Practitioners

One of the key advantages of the Family Assessment Tool is the considerable amount of time it saves practitioners and key workers including Troubled Families Co-ordinators.  Usual practice, until now, has been for assessments to be carried out in a paper-based format which needs to be filled in by hand. The new electronic version is[…]

Supporting More Than Just Troubled Families

E-CINS development lead, Gary Pettengell, said “E-CINS has a very different way of supporting the Troubled Families Agenda. It is  much more than just a bespoke Troubled Families software programme developed specifically for Troubled Families Co-ordinators. Instead it is a complete neighbourhood management solution that enables organisations to fully support their local troubled families initiative[…]

Creating an Electronic Family Assessment

The process of creating an assessment is quick and simple. When an assessment is started it automatically ‘pulls through’ the family members you have previously identified. This speeds up the assessment process and, once completed, you set your access permissions so that you can decide who can see the assessment and who can not. You[…]

Focus on: Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke to 180° Norfolk IOM’s Police Sgt Eddie Hammond

HE: At what point in your IOM programme did you start to use E-CINS, was your IOM programme already well established? EH: E-CINS had been established around 9 months prior to me being started with the Norfolk Integrated Offender Management Team. Due to E-CINS being very user friendly, I started using the Programme straight away[…]

Focus on: Norfolk IOM’s Housing Support Worker

“Using E-CINS has been a like a fresh flannel after washing with a brick for years” Chris Day, Housing Support Worker, 180° Norfolk  HE: You’ve been using E-CINS as part of Norfolk’s 180° IOM Programme, what’s your general view of the system? CD: It’s lovely to have a system that is quick to get in[…]

Empowering-Communities Awarded ISO9001 Accreditation

We’re delighted to announce that Empowering-Communities has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard to “Develop and provide systems to facilitate multi agency information sharing”. ISO 9001 certification is awarded to companies that have established an internal Quality Management System which ensures their customers receive products or services that are fit for purpose, meet[…]

Data Protection FAQs

Q. In relation to E-CINS is all communication in transit encrypted? A. Yes. All of the communication with E-CINS is encrypted Q. Will the data about our organisation or our users be shared with third parties by Empowering-Communities? A. No data is shared with anyone outside of E-CINS. Q. How quickly could Empowering-Communities restore our[…]

Focus on: Andy Solomon, ASB Team Leader, Ipswich Borough Council

Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke to Andy Solomon, ASB Team Leader of the Community Protection Team at Ipswich Borough Council HE: What issues were you looking to address when you first started using E-CINS and have you found your use of it has expanded or developed into new areas since then? AS:  Our issues were agencies not[…]

Focus on Troubled Families – What works?

The Troubled Family Initiative is spurring many local authorities and their partners to look at the different strategies being used around the country to help them deliver the best outcomes for their own communities.  But what works and what doesn’t? Empowering-Communities took part in a recent online debate with a team of panellists from local[…]

E-CINS Family Assessment Feature

One of the ways E-CINS is helping customers with their Troubled Families Initiatives is through a new Family Risk Assessment Tool to be launched  soon.  The electronic E-CINS Family Assessment functionality is being developed in conjunction with a team of troubled families co-ordinators to ensure it properly reflects the needs and challenges of existing users.[…]

‘E-CINS is of significant strategic importance to the country’

by Gary Pettengell, Founder and MD Empowering-Communities In March we are having a meeting to brief a government department on E-CINS. This is because in their words ‘E-CINS is of significant strategic importance to the country’. I have been asked ‘why you?’ or ‘how have you managed to achieve what people said or thought couldn’t[…]

Keep Calm We’ve Got E-CINS

E-CINS may have been described as “The grass roots worker’s holy grail” but Inspector Barry Thacker from Derbyshire Police is taking it to a new level with his latest corporate gift for his E-CINS team. The “Keep Calm We’ve Got E-CINS” mug will be adorning the desks of Derbyshire’s ASB team. Good luck Derbyshire and[…]

Opening Address from ACC Julian Blazeby, Staffs Police

Summary of the Day’s Events “We’re also looking at using it for restorative justice and neighbourhood panels too so actually I think the limit for what E-CINS can he used for is our imagination” ACC Julian Blazeby, speaking at the opening of the conference Mr Blazeby welcomed everyone to Staffordshire Headquarters to the first National E-CINS[…]

The Speaker Panel – Experiences and Best Practice

The panel were asked a number of questions from individual delegates who were interested in learning more about the system and how it could work for them in their day to day roles. Procurement A number of delegates posed the question about how E-CINS could be purchased and if it would need to be subjected[…]

Speaker – Ian Coxhead, Chief Inspector, Tamworth Community Partnership Hub

Ian is a Chief Inspector in Staffordshire Police and is currently working as a Local Policing Team commander at Tamworth. He has been with Staffordshire Police for 24 years and worked in various roles including Local Policing, CID, Communications and Professional Standards. Tamworth has an established Community Safety Hub that is situated at the police[…]

Speaker – Rachel Tucker, Waveney District Council, Suffolk

Rachel has worked for local government since 2004 and studied the Management of ASB at the Anglian Ruskin University, Cambridge in 2006. She is currently Anti Social Behaviour Officer, Active Communities at Waveney District Council. Previous to this she was a volunteer special constable for nine years taking on numerous roles from recruitment to working[…]

Speaker – Melanie Locke, ASB and Hate Crime Coordinator within the City of Brighton

Melanie is a sergeant with Sussex Police, she has 24 years of experience in a variety of roles from responding to emergency calls to working on complex murder cases. Melanie is the event manager for Evolve, the support group for female staff and a Protest Liaison Officer, involving her meeting with protest group leaders and[…]

Speaker – Simon Tweats, Chief Inspector Staffordshire Police and Programme Manager of Integrated Offender Management, Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire

Simon has 23 years police experience and is a Chief Inspector of Staffordshire Police. He has extensive experience of Justice Services and Integrated Offender Management (IOM) having held strategic leadership positions for both in his home Force. He also currently has thematic lead in his Force on Troubled Families and Electronic Monitoring (of offenders). He[…]


Over 100 delegates from organisations including the Police, Probation, Fire Service local government, Housing Associations and voluntary groups braved the floods on Wednesday 28th November to travel to Staffordshire’s Police HQ for the inaugural E-CINS ‘Turning Local Good Practice into National Best Practice conference’. Delegates came from as far as Devon and Cornwall and the[…]

Interview with Gary Pettengell about why Empowering-Communities chose to become a Social Enterprise and what it means for our customers

Q.What is a Social Enterprise? A. Jonathan Bland as Chief Executive of the Social Enterprise Coalition gave a very good explanation of what social enterprises are. He said ‘The founders and leaders of social enterprises are passionate about achieving explicit social or environmental aims and this motivates them as much, if not more, than the[…]

Speaker Summaries: Mark Walchester – Strategic Partnerships and Engagements Officer, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service

“Why is a Fire Officer in the front seat here talking about the redesign of Public Sector Services? I was seconded to the local authority in Stoke on Trent City Council for 2 years with a brief from my Chief Fire Officer to develop referral pathways and create opportunities to see where public sector services[…]

Speaker – Gary Pettengell, E-CINS Founder, Empowering-Communities

Gary is the founder of Empowering-Communities, a self sustaining, not for profit social enterprise. He has worked on several local, national and international crime reduction and community engagement projects for which he has won several awards. One of these projects has been made the subject of a case study by the United Nations. In April[…]

Staffordshire and Norfolk manage an offender together on E-CINS (IOM)

Issue: A male person who was classed as a Prolific and other Priority Offender (PPO) from Staffordshire had moved to Norfolk. Approach: The Staffordshire Integrated Offender Management (IOM) Team notified their IOM colleagues in Norfolk. The PPO was interviewed and the situation was confirmed as being correct. The person’s E-CINS profile and the reports that[…]

Restorative Justice: a Definition

Restorative justice (also sometimes called reparative justice) is an approach to justice that focuses on the needs of the victims and the offenders, as well as the involved community. Instead of satisfying abstract legal principles or punishing the offender. Victims take an active role in the process, while offenders are encouraged to take responsibility for[…]

Using E-CINS in the Prisons

Heather Ette from Empowering-Communities had an interview with HMP Stafford’s Resettlement Officer Richard Bell and Senior Officer John Wood. As you know there is a proven link between IOM and Troubled Families and the IOM vision always was for the IOM journey to continue in prison. As you will see from the interview below that vision is now[…]

The first National Multi-Agency Database?

Is E-CINS the first National Multi-Agency Database for practitioners? The E-CINS Team have been made aware of the following pieces of work this week and I thought I would share them with you. On Tuesday 9th October Sgt Melanie Locke from Sussex Police told ASB practitioners in Hastings that a vulnerable persons profile was added to[…]

Supporting Families

The Troubled Families Initiative (TFI) was launched by the Government in 2011 to help families that suffer a complex range of serious problems, including parents not working and children not in school and causes of serious problems such as youth crime and anti-social behaviour. An estimated £9 billion is spent annually on these 120,000 most[…]

Family Focus Helps to Improve Lives in Suffolk

Suffolk is the first county in the UK to expand its use of E-CINS to help support families in need. Suffolk Family Focus, a three year project focused on supporting families most in need of long term, intensive support will be using E-CINS’ unique technology to enable partnerships and agencies to “talk” to each other[…]

National E-CINS User Group Conference

‘Turning Local Good Practice into National Best Practice’ by Empowering Communities Hosted at Staffordshire Police Headquarters, Block 7, Weston Road, Beaconside, Stafford Wednesday 28 November 2012 9.15am – 3.30pm The first National E-CINS User Group Conference provides a sought after update on how this unique system is being used around the country from the initial[…]

Pubs to access new ‘Facebook of crime’

Pubs to access new ‘Facebook of crime’ Article by Raymond Brown, A ‘Facebook of crime’ is being launched to tackle troublemakers in Cambridge’s pubs and clubs. The web pages are similar to those on the social networking site, but instead of ‘friends’, will hold the profiles of individuals who have been banned from bars and[…]

Westminster Briefing

Earlier this month Gary was invited to speak at a Westminster Briefing in London together with fellow speakers Roger King, Director of Safer and Stronger Solutions, Amerdeep Somal, Commissioner, IPCC, Nick Budden, HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, Janette York, Community Safety Consultant and Aaron Devereaux, Head of ASB, Sovereign Housing The main focus of the event[…]

Lithuanian School starts its 5th year

Empowering-Communities Great Yarmouth Lithuanian School starts its 5th year. The Great Yarmouth Lithuanian School is funded by Empowering-Commnities Communities and has just started its 5th year. The school was set up after Gary Pettengell was voted Person of the Year in Lithuania in 2007. Gary was inspired by stories of the ‘book carriers’ who smuggled books and newspapers across the border during the Russian ban[…]