Thank you for supporting 10 years of Empowering-Communities

It was the year of the News of the World phone hacking scandal, the rebuilt Wembley Stadium opened to the public for the first time and Celebrity Big Brother was launched on Channel 4.  2007 was also the year that Empowering-Communities was founded by CEO Gary Pettengell, following a successful 20 year career involved in[…]

E-CINS Forum and Working Groups Launched

Several schemes and users have identified the need for a National E-CINS Forum and I am now in the process of setting one up. I have listed some of the areas of business E-CINS is used to manage below. It therefore makes sense to have a number of working groups under the Forum umbrella. Each working group can[…]

National Scrap Metal Database Reduces Thefts

All Northants boroughs and districts are signed up to the National Scrap Metal Dealers (SMD) database on E-CINS. British Transport Police (BTP), which has led a taskforce tackling metal thefts, is running this database. Nationally the number of thefts from, or connected to, railways has come down significantly since the introduction of the SMD database.[…]

Successful Start for South Staffordshire’s Scrap Metal Solution

South Staffordshire Council is seeing an improvement in the way they manage scrap metal licences and share information with other councils since the introduction of E-CINS Scrap Metal Dealer and Collectors Database. The Council worked closely with Empowering- Communities to design an electronic solution to enable them to manage information about scrap metal licences in[…]

Scrap Metal Sites and Collectors

Led by British Transport Police as a 6 month pilot to be held in West Midlands and Staffordshire, this enables all existing and new dealer licences to be recorded and managed on E-CINS and shared with the Environment Agency’s database. Since the development of this functionality there has been an increased interest from councils in using[…]