Brief User Guide to E-CINS for SPOCS

Purpose of E-CINS for ASB victims The point of entering information onto E-CINS is to keep a record so that other relevant agencies can view the actions we are taking to protect victims. Any number of users can access the same profile at the same time. In this and other ways E-CINS enables a dialogue[…]

E-CINS working groups and the importance of showcasing best practice

by Chief Superintendent Wayne Jones, Sussex Police Headquarters and PS Melanie Locke, Force Wide Partnership for E-CINS, Neighbourhood Policing Branch, Sussex Police E-CINS Working Groups are becoming increasingly popular with a number of counties now holding them frequently. Sussex were one of the first to recognise the benefits and have been instrumental in advising other[…]

Standardising E-CINS Work Practices

by Michael Raywood, Senior Tenancy Enforcement Officer, Housing, Brighton & Hove City Council Michael has been using E-CINS as part of Brighton & Hove City Council’s Tenancy Enforcement Service and is championing Sussex’s efforts to develop standardisations in E-CINS working practices. As such, Michael is seeing his role increasingly develop as an unofficial E-CINS adviser to other counties looking to gain knowledge and best[…]

HMIC cite E-CINS in PEEL report

The HMIC – PEEL (police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy programme) report gave Sussex Police a “Good” in several areas of ASB. Use of Police Tactics:  Partnership working and information sharing “Sussex Police has developed a commendable range of mature partnerships which are helping it to prevent and reduce crime. These are characterised by routine sharing[…]

Case Study: 
problem neighbour harassing council tenant

by Michael Raywood, Senior Tenancy Enforcement Officer, Housing, Brighton & Hove City Council The Issue A tenant was suffering from violent incidents and abuse from a homophobic neighbour. The Approach Information relating to the tenants and the incidents were recorded on E-CINS. Even though the police worked different shifts to our own staff we were able to communicate in real-time[…]

Case Study: 
vulnerable adult displaced from home by drug users

by Michael Raywood, Senior Tenancy Enforcement Officer, Housing, Brighton & Hove City Council The Issue The Tenancy Enforcement Team found the man had been befriended by drug users who had persuaded him to allow them to use his property as a crack den. The tenant was so fearful he took to the streets whilst the tenancy enforcement team received complaints[…]

Case Study: vulnerable victim

by Annabel Tate, Senior Tenancy Enforcement Officer, Brighton and Hove City Council The Issue An offender was being released from prison and my team had concerns that the offender would try to make contact with the victim, potentially affecting their safety. The Approach A PCSO made a note on E-CINS that the offender was due[…]

Managing Street Communities

Neighbourhood Police Officer Jimmy Upton of Sussex Police spoke to Empowering-Communities about his work in Chichester City Centre working with rough sleepers and the street community My day to day role is policing the city centre of Chichester – dealing with on-going problems, looking to reduce and detect crime through multi agency partnership working. In[…]

Case Study: Unauthorised Encampments of Travellers

by PCSO Colin Booker, Chichester Issue Chichester District saw 52 unauthorised encampments during the period 1st February 2013 to 1st October 2013. The encampments were spread across the District and on a mix of private land and local authority land. Whilst some of the encampments were present, reports were received regarding anti-social behaviour which included; Generators being[…]

Case Study: Vulnerable Adult and ASB

Case Study: Vulnerable Adult and ASB by Gary Dewey, Anti-Social Behaviour Co-ordinator, Adur & Worthing Safer Communities Team The subject presented with a learning disability, suffered long standing depression and was anxious about an ongoing dispute between himself and his neighbours (some 10 years), involving allegation and counter allegation between all parties concerned. Allegations made to a[…]

Speaker Summaries: Peter Castleton – Community Safety Manager, Brighton & Hove City Council

“In Brighton we piloted E-CINS with ASB only, we’re two and a bit years in and we want to get it completely right in that area of business before we start rollling it out into other areas such as DV which is likely to be the next area we use E-CINS for.   Overcoming Barriers[…]

Speaker Summaries: Dave Palmer – Sussex Police

“E-CINS was already in place when I came into it around 5 months ago and I am working with Pete and other agencies to take it forward.  The lead agency originally was responsible for disseminating all information.  You would go to the meetings, you would take the phone calls and emails and, like Mel said,[…]

Speaker Summaries: Melanie Locke – Sergeant, Sussex Police

“I was ASB and Hate Crime Coordinator within the city of Brighton when we went over to E-CINS and we are now very close to getting 60-70% of the force signed up. We’re going across different galleries as we move and next week we’ve got a force wide conference where we’re pushing and delivering E-CINS. […]

Sussex E-CINS Conference 5 December 2013

Just two weeks after the success of the E-CINS National Conference, Sussex Police held their own User Group Conference in Slaugham with 120 representatives from across the county attending the event. The Sussex conference, which focused on Engaging Partners, was spearheaded by E-CINS Champion and practitioner, Sergeant Melanie Locke of Sussex Police. Speaking after the[…]

Adur & Worthing Safer Communities Team Presentation by Gary Dewey

Biography Gary Dewey is acting Anti-Social Behaviour Co-ordinator for Adur and Worthing Councils and has been a member of the Council’s Safer Communities Team since 2009. Gary has been instrumental in developing and embedding a number of initiatives and approaches in the management and reduction of Anti-Social Behaviour. A retired Police Officer, Gary has undertaken[…]

Speaker – Melanie Locke, ASB and Hate Crime Coordinator within the City of Brighton

Melanie is a sergeant with Sussex Police, she has 24 years of experience in a variety of roles from responding to emergency calls to working on complex murder cases. Melanie is the event manager for Evolve, the support group for female staff and a Protest Liaison Officer, involving her meeting with protest group leaders and[…]

High Risk Vulnerable Juvenile

Issue: A 15 year old male was identified as being a high risk vulnerable person in the council district of Adur and Worthing, West Sussex. Approach: A profile was created on E-CINS for this vulnerable person and they were added as high risk in the vulnerable persons gallery. Current situation: Within 15 minutes the person[…]

Nothing being done! – Complaint by a member of the public (ASB)

Issue: A member of the public complained to the police in Brighton that nothing had been done about the anti-social behaviour she had reported. Approach: The duty Inspector logged into E-CINS and looked at the case, history and actions log. The Inspector was able to create two A4 pages of actions that had been carried[…]